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2006.10.31 3:22 p.m.

Happy Hallowe'en!

I have yet to have an exciting Toronto Hallowe'en.
And I think I'm going out tonight and I sure don't have a costume.
It's Ali's birthday/house-warming/Hallowe'en party. I haven't seen her in quite awhile.

Hmm. Well I think I've wrangled my cellphone plan to be a bit more manageable. Knock on wood. I now have a HUGE chunk of incoming daytime minutes. 1000 incoming daytime minutes. Hottt. So feel free to call me all day. Starting tomorrow. But I still won't be calling you in the daytime, cause I have very few of those kind of minutes. But I will be text messaging... cause I'm a pro. I think I have thumbs of steel now.

After mostly giving up on the search for a new name, I came across kind of a nice one. Which is 'Pine'. It's Christmassy, that's for sure. Meredith Pine. I wonder if that's a real name.

OH SHIT SON the Christmas season starts TOMORROW.

Guess what? I cleaned up my house a bit. Threaten me with a stranger coming over and I'll make it look at least somewhat presentable.
Niki came over last night and we (she) baked cookies (for the second night in a row) and then her friend Joda came over and we drank. Joda's nice. Small and wiry and casual. He had a good saying about drinking, you know instead of those ones like "beer before liquor..", it's "Drink too much, then you'll puke".
Yep. I like that.

Yesterday I bought shoes. Because I needed them. I bought a pair of burgundy/purple flats (with ribbon detailing) and a pair of dark green fake-suede boots. I feel like I should get to buy a new pair of boots every winter. And I needed the flats for work. They're surprisingly comfortable and nice.
I spent too much money!

Met up with Dana in Honest Ed's and we wandering around for a bit. I bought a $1 martini glass. classssy. I like Dana a lot. We also went for brunch at Aunties on Sunday and ate way too much food. I like going in at the end of the day because then David has time to sit and visit with us for a bit.

Sunday I also went with Tamara to a fundraising clothing sale. We brought clothes and then bought clothes. It was a good idea really, especially since everything was $1. I bought a really nice skirt that Tamara had donated. I feel like she'll want it back. It's so nice and full and almost-fancy. Also good for work.

I like having a job where I get to wear nice clothes of my own choosing.

So, I might be shooting a student film where I would (finally) get to be the star. I would be in every scene and the character's even named after me. Except that scheduling might prove to be a problem.. I might also have a tiny voice-over gig and I'm unsure of how much time I can get off work. Or how much time I'm willing to take off work. I'm in serious need of moneys. Quelle surprise, again.

Lately whenever my mother calls Niki is over, baking cookies and so it's almost like they get to talk to. Except that I'm constantly confusing both of them because I'm talking to both of them and not clarifying to whom I am speaking.
Niki says she enjoys these visits with my mother.

I'm really homesick lately. And also just stressed in odd ways. I feel like if I could afford to go home more often it would make my life feel a lot better. Like maybe five times a year. Fine, that's a lot. Maybe three times a year at least. Six would be ideal. If I could afford to live in both cities at once, maybe I'd be less angsty.

Not that being less angsty would suit me. No sir.

The Argos made the playoffs so there's at least one more skydome shift. Hurrah! I hope to make one billion dollars. I'm working every day for the foreseeable future.
But I seem to be getting done work much earlier than I'd expected, except when working coatcheck of course. Got to stay til the last coat leaves.

Gaining that hour on the weekend was fairly hot. I was actually really impressed with getting to sleep for longer. I have strange priorities.

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