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2008.01.15 4:36 p.m.

Sometimes the way people put things just makes the day get a whole lot better. That's the only reason I write, maybe. Is to effect people. (I don't mean on here - I mean when I write creatively.)
Stephanie sent me the link to her brother's blog, It's very nice. So well put together. Makes me a bit jealous that my blog is always such a personalized mess - but then, that's what it's here for. It's part mp3 blog (I downloaded a bunch of them and it's like they made me a mix tape) and part nice writings. This, specifically, I loved (I hope he wouldn't be mad that I'm re-posting it):

file under: purchases: small
when you buy a dish rack from the dollar store, don't forget to also buy the tray that goes underneath it. that's also a dollar.

file under: growing up: firsts
if you need to know what french kissing is like, and how to do it, I would recommend thinking of the kiss as a sleep and your tongue as the dream. It's not right away, and it doesn't last the whole time.


Took Ana to swimming lessons yesterday. All the little ones are sort of painfully adorable. I'm feeling sort of raw in unexpected ways lately and the tiny group of girls feeling helpless in the water was a bit wrenching. I wanted to be in there holding all of their hands as they had to dip their faces in.
The new baby in that household is ridiculously well-behaved. He rarely fusses and usually just laughs or watches everything intently. Ana runs at his face and almost jumps on him and he's still just so calm.


I'm so remarkably not into babes right now that it's sort of funny. Well, I am into babes in that I want to look at them.. and possibly interact with them (physically. obviously. uh huh.) and drunk dial them but not date them. I am not wanting to be indebted or responsible to anyone.

When I got back to Toronto last year after being in a very quick and very intense relationship, I was looking for more of the same. Basically from the minute I stepped off the plane I was wanting someone to come sleep at my house every day, to have dinner with, to run errands with, to come to shows, to tell about my day to, etc, etc. I was looking for the dailies. And I tried to get that from people who weren't interested in dailies at all. And then when I got it, it turned out that that wasn't what I was looking for.

It's my job right now to start Getting Shit Done. I know I always say that, but I'm going to have to keep on. Trying to make it come true.

Well, I had my first improv class last night. I was really, really nervous. Of course. But it ended up being really good and I ended up being really funny. It seemed short. Which means it was enjoyable.
There's only one other woman in the class, then 6 men. Nerd-boys, but in the way I like, where they talk about music and Mac computers and Star Trek and blogging.
I went out with some of the boys and my teacher, Browning, for beer afterwards. I like doing stuff like that. Any new people to try out are fun. I like being in situations I've never been in before. Ended up staying drinking with Browning and his film partner until 3. Because I party all the time.
I think I'm going to like the class. And be good at it. And it will give me the confidence I need to start doing comedy in real time.

I had dinner with Sophia last night at an Asian vegetarian restaurant. It was really good. It had pages and pages of different things I could eat. What a treat! We sort of talked more about our sketch plans. I've actually been writing stuff out. Amazing.

Went out with Miranda on Saturday with her law school friends. There were a couple of babes. And a lot of drinking. I need to be out with new people more. Because I love it. And all of my friends are coupled-off and that's annoying. It makes them less interested in Party All The Time.
My only interest.

Went drinking with SarahJ and Steph on Sunday night. Lay around the Drake on their sofas and drank wine and ate way too many desserts, then went to Dakota for more eating and drinking and ogling cute cowboys.
I always feel stronger for having spent time with those girls. I couldn't really pinpoint why, but still.

Work at ACC tonight. I wish I weren't going to get fired from there because I do really like it. Maybe I will come home and write instead of going out to drink. Or maybe I won't.

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