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2008.01.27 4:01 p.m.


Sorry, Diary, I've been ignoring you. I'm favouring that other one. Because it's more interesting to write in I guess.

It's shitty when I cancel plans to stay in and write and then I don't actually get around to writing. I might as well have been having fun instead of weinering around on the internet. Double sigh.
It would be even better if when I stayed in to write, I actually wrote.

I did good work on Wednesday, I wrote for over three hours and got massive amounts done. I have trouble getting started when I know I have to go do something later on. Even if later on is two hours away I still feel like I shouldn't get into it. And it's bad that I have trouble settling in until after midnight. Especially since I frequently go out at night. And especially because most days I'm babysitting in the morning. And it's good to be alert when chasing small children.

I kind of like babysitting, I expected to grow tired of it quite quickly, but it's still interesting. I like Ana and T-Rex a lot. I'm learning more and more how to interact with Ana best. She's sort of tricky - one half rude and pushy, and one half terribly sweet and nervous. And she takes everything very, very seriously. The brother baby, on the other hand, is still extremely well-behaved and laid-back. And his smile could maybe save the world.

Still partying all the time with my one single GF, Stef. You know what her problem is though? She has a full-time job. Stupid. People who work all the time are dumb.
Except I need to start acting like I have a job. I mean, that my own work is my job. To justify how little other work I do.

I'm so getting fired from ACC at the end of the season when they assess attendance. But it's their damn fault for requiring me for shifts I already told them I can't work. Some bits of the union rules there are RIDICULOUS.
Just saying.
I wish I weren't getting fired. I like it. I like seeing friends and wandering around and bothering people. And the shifts are so short and the money is so good.

I love improv. I'm excited to go to improv tomorrow. I love being excited about things. I'm pretty good at it, also. Just saying. I want to do more and more of it. And I'm excited to go for beers after class with my new friends. New people are great. So much to say and discuss. Yeah huh.

Went to Ikea with Stef this week. I love the frozen yogurt for $1!
I bought a giant red rug for the bedroom (calling different parts of my bachelor apartment different rooms is a very hilarious joke), which is sort of awkward but still better than the awful blue carpeting. Carpeting is gross and should be illegal.
They had standard size feather pillows for $3.25. I bought two and they are very comfortable. In retrospect I should have bought seven. I also bought baskets to put things in. Now I don't have as many mittens and hats and scarves strewn about the entrance-way.
This place has lapsed into disaster again. It's awful. I pretend like I'm writing so that I don't have to clean. "I can't clean write now, I'm about to start writing", etc.

I slept for 11 hours last night and I'm still tired. I party so hard. I feel dizzy when I move my head.

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