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2006.11.02 3:22 p.m.

Man, I was so right about the Christmas season starting up Nov. 1st. All of a sudden I see Christmas everywhere.
I have to go up Yonge Street, fairly north there are all these pretty little shops and last year the Christmas feeling was overwhelming.

I'm tired of working. It really cuts into my life.
It looks as though I'm going to have to not do that student film. Sucks but how do I get four days off in a row from a job that I want fulltime hours at?
Oh ridiculous.

But it looks as though I'll get to work at boosterjuice when I go home for Christmas. I'd much rather work for Hillary than at the bodyshop. Especially since everyone I knew at b.s. has quit already. And it's sooo far away.
Mum's worried about how she's going to get soap now. But soap is surprisingly accessible, even when I don't work at b.s.
I'm looking forward to living almost exclusively on smoothies. And mostly to have an excuse to talk to Hillary more often.

Ohhhh hometime.

Hallowe'en ended up being fun, despite complications.
As I said, it was Ali's birthday and she was having a party.
Ali said call up our college buddies, so I called up our AFTV college buddies and invited them.
Niki and Tamara came over and we got dressed up. We went as "your mom got drunk". Very, very sweet outfits, made exclusively out of mom-wear I happened to own, including a sweet pair of high-waisted, ankle-biting, "genuine leather" pants, a couple of tennis t-shirts with flowers, a pink kananaskis bunnyhug, and sweatpants.
I wish we had pictures.

But before we even left we managed to get uninvited to the party.
I knew that Priscilla would be there, but it didn't occur to me that it would be a real problem, seeing as we're all adults.........
And I 100% forgot about P and Nathanael in terms of this situation, so obviously he got invited (also he's been Ali's friend for much, much longer than Priscilla who only knows Ali through ME). So when Nathanael and Devon and Naomi got there P ran off and hid, and Ali came out and said that Nathanael couldn't be there because it was upsetting P. Even though Nathanael wanted to be able to talk to Priscilla and maybe make it so that things were decent between them, and maybe they could be in the same room without her exploding.
So the AFTV kids left and Ali called me to tell me that I probably should come.
Now, rationally, if you are the one feeling uncomfortable about the situation and everyone else is alright with it... then maybe you should leave?
Also, when you break up with someone, you mostly should give up the rights to THEIR friends.

Poor, poor Ali. That sucked so hard her having to deal with all of that on her birthday. What an awkward situation to be in. And I know about it because of being in the middle of Chala and Priscilla last year. (And it was always P that had the problem there too, just coincidentally.)

But we went anyway. Haha, well, I had to deliver Ali's present. And we had such sweet costumes. So we went in, and it was as awkward as you'd expect from P, even though I did try and apologise for not thinking of her and Nathanael.
But she was SO certain that it was a big conspiracy, that I'd invited him on purpose just to hurt her. And more importantly, that I'd caused him to "break-up" with her (despite that he'd made it clear that he didn't want to date her, and that he and I weren't talking really at that point either).

The situation sucks because I wish that things were fine between P and I. And by that I mean that she wasn't the rudest person I've ever met. Ugh. Sorry. I don't mean that, I'm just mad.
I'd gotten over my fight with her, and I do wish her the best, honestly. But I do not want her in my life, and I would very much like her to stop fucking with my plans.

Hahaa, besides all that the party was pretty fun, and Ali's new house is very very nice.
We stayed for awhile and drank too much and then went and found the AFTV kids at a bar down the street. On my way to the bathroom I managed to run into Geordie and Chris and Gus. What a weird coincidence. I'd never even heard of that bar before and what a small city. I would like to stress just how BEAUTIFUL I looked as well. Chris's gilfriend, Stephanie, said "Oh my God, Meredith, I didn't recognize you, I thought you were a homeless woman". Ahahaha.
I found out that Gillian, who I work with at beermarket, used to date Geordie as well. Oh my god how random is that? And also, I met her at a show of theirs last year. Whoaaa. Guess what she and I are talking about tonight?!!?

Then I had to get up far, far too early to do another open shift at beermarket, because I have to open on Saturday.. not that there's much to it, but still.

I'm still enjoying it there. So far the boredom hasn't killed me.. close maybe.
I finally saw my crush's face. And he is cute. He said hi to me yesterday and then later clarified who he was (ie: wears a terrifying mask). Then he let me eat all his candy. But I don't reeeeally have a crush on him. Too bad. His face was all cut up, it looked kind of hot though.
me: what happened to your face?
him: well, I ride BMX bikes.
me: onto your face?

I have to go back to work again today. And then next day and the next day and the next day. Etc. It's my first day off training today. Oh the excitement.

Boy the money better start rolling in because I am so ready to Christmas shop.

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