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2006.10.29 1:59 p.m.

Well. I'm an idiot. An idiot who doesn't pay her cellular telephone bill. And then now all of my calls are just being re-directed to bell's billing offices. Except the billing office is closed all weekends. So what's the damn point in that, hmm?
It seems as though I can send text messages though. And that all incoming calls are getting through. Sooo, that's good. Ugh. Irrator.

Working a lot sucks. Quelle surprise.
But it is also fun.

So I might like my new job. Except that I might also hate it. It might only be fun when there's lots of us on and we're making it a party.
I do like doing coat-check. I seriously read my books for around three or four hours of the shift. And then it's busy and I'm friendly and have fun chatting with people. Then I get seriously irritated with everyone, especially drunk people, and then I want to quit. Then it quiets down and I get back into a good mood and then if I make good tips then it is all worthwhile.

It's the co-workers that make it okay. So far they're all really nice and friendly and are all charmed by me. It's fun to have a new group of people to surprise with my awful sense of humour.
Turns out my crush has a long-term-live-in girlfriend. Which is almost better. Especially because he knows that I know now and now we can flirt in peace. And flirt we do. He told me I looked pretty around four times last night. Because I did. I dressed a bit 50s for hallowe'en. Mostly just an excuse to wear my polka-dot crinoline dress. Mmm.
I might have a new crush but I haven't seen him yet.
Well, he was wearing a mask, see. And I'm afraid of people in masks and he followed me around with it on. But all the girls think he's a babe and he looks very similar to my other crush apparently.

My life is so complex!!

Yesterday was the last skydome shift of the season pretty much. Ohhh sigh. I was actually feeling pretty sad about it. I really like it there. Irrationally so.
And I like all my buds that I get to work with.
Next season is soon enough..

I think I'll be able to pay my rent!!!
Phone bill is another story though. Credit cards are from the devil.

Hugh Laurie is still a babe. Except that maybe I only love him as House. He wasn't exceptionally funny on SNL last night. Fine I guess. I did get distracted for parts of it. And Beck is still un-dreamy but his second song was very, very cool. The dining room table and all. Beck is probably a million times cooler than I've even considered being.

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