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2006.08.30 12:16 p.m.

Nope. I haven't moved my diary anywhere else. It's just that updating takes so much effort and in order to recap the last couple of weeks I would have to sort through them and stuff.

I'm lazy. And busy.

I've been updating my photostream:
you can go look at it. Some of them are kind of nice. And some of them are really nice. Mostly the ones of me.


Yep. I was there. And now I'm back. And it was...... good.

I saw most of the people that I needed to see. Spent a good chunk of time with my mother. I did no work around the house and continuously made messes so that she wouldn't miss me when I left. Just be glad to be rid of me.

I wish that I had gotten to party more.. I wish I had had more time, etc, etc.

The kids were gorgeous, as usual. They are both such little people. It seems wrong to call them babies.
My family was great and funny. Which I expect. We had good family dinners discussing awkward things to say during sex, and sex with Ian's mom (Ian is my cousin's boyfriend).
Thank god we didn't discuss sex with Ian.

Yes, sex is the basis for ALL funny jokes. Obviously.

I saw six fringe plays. They were all pretty good. I like seeing ones involving people I know. Brian's was particularly good. And he wrote it. Extra impressive.

My favourite play was easily "Giant Invisible Robot". It involved robots, I mean, come on.
And the guy was a babe. And I laughed out loud. And it made me cry a bit. The best kind of one-man show.
The best kind of any show really.

The lake was fun. SteveDave came up for one day and lay around on the beach with me. We read Vogue. That's an ironic thing to do on a dirty Saskatchewan beach.
We went into Hafford to have coffee at "The Silver Sword and Chalice" aka: worst diner ever. Although there really were A LOT of swords and chalices.

Steve and I hung out quite, quite a lot. And I realized again just how much I like her. It's a lot. I will be very happy if she decides to go to school here.
She's just so funny and grumpy and nice. We went to a movie and went shopping and got manicures and other fun things like that. We also played with her macbook for a substantial amount of time. Geez I want a macbook.

Steph and I went to Value Village, Constantine and I had a quick GCP which was nice, I hung out with Fraser and MattDean at the Riviera, Hillary and I had a nice lunch and a sweet Valentines date, Ellen and I had a breakfast that was nowhere near long enough, WillRobbins and I made friends again.. but we're still divorced, made dinners for my family and ate in the beautiful backyard, went shopping with my aunt, sat up talking with my mother until almost 2 am one night (then I went out), attended an awkward (yet surprisingly fun) dinner party at AndrewKeith's, didn't see Alisin nearly enough for how much I love her, made an effort to speak to my brother occasionally, bonded and bonded with the kittens.

There is just way too much to say about everything

Being back has been good. Too busy. I feel stressed out and very very uneasy about money.. I mostly just want to lie in front of the television.

Everyone quit at the big chill so they want me to work more. And as much as I need money, I also am so busy and there's so many shows and things that I want to go to.. and plans I've committed to. Actually, I think it'll be fine after this week. I hope.

I'm driving down to Montreal tomorrow to pick up NIki and drive her back. All in one day. Because we're stupid like that. mmmm a full day in the car.
But we gotta move her here. Got get her right over here.

And I like rental cars. I have to choose all my CDs for the trip! How fun! And I have to figure out how not to get lost.
I'm also going to try not to get killed, on account of that would be a very poor birthday present for my mother.
Oh yeah, happy birthday tomorrow mother.

I did have free tickets to see Hootie and The Blowfish... but I guess that's out. Sooo sad, I was looking forward to acting like an idiot there. And singing along at top volume.

I really want all of the MCDA members to get here already so that we can get things moving.
Oh, that reminds me, Pussycat Dolls are recruiting new members. I really have to get on that.

I really like seeing movies. I want to go see movies every day.

Also: Instant Star is so my favourite TV show now. No, but really. No, I think it's actually really good (in a terrible way).
Also: I would bet you $2 that at least one of the writers is as obsessed with My So-Called Life as I am. There are so, so many references. And really random ones. I'd like to meet this writer and discuss my show with them.
Also: Nick's character is GAY. hahaah awesome.

Today I am helping Miranda pack because she's leaving and going back to Halifax forever. Or at least for awhile. Which really sucks.

Then I am going to a weird thing that Chala is organizing that is supersecret and sounds a bit gay, to tell you the truth.

There are way more babes here than in Saskatoon, I'll tell you that for free. I'm pretty into scoping them. I'm going to pick one up soon I bet.

I feel like a good dance party would do a lot to shake everything out of me.

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