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2006.08.13 10:50 a.m.

In Toronto I really couldn't fathom the idea of being cold. So I really didn't pack any sweaters. Well, two thin sweaters and two spring jackets.

It's colder here. In a really delightful way. I'd forgotten how the rain really does just cool everything off. Just washes away the heat. It's funny how it's not even humid here when it's raining.

Been fringing a lot. Seeing people randomly. Theory being that if I hang around the fringe long enough I'll eventually run into everyone I've ever known.
Pretty close anyway.

It's been nice. I picked up a couple of volunteer shifts and so I get to see way more plays for free. I love free plays. I also have known pretty much everyone I've volunteered with. Which isn't surprising, given where I am.. but it's still a little unnerving.
I like it when people take away the awkwardness of not-quite knowing each other by greeting me by name.

I've seen a lot of people I know. And it's nice to just sit and randomly say things to each other, or wander about, or eat samosas.

I saw three plays yesterday, all for free. I saw a zombie one and a drunken-Irish one, and a teen relationship one. All were alright, none outstanding. And there weren't any real zombies. Unfortunate.
Today I'm planning on seeing four plays. Maybe five, if I get lucky. And I should only have to pay for two or three of them.
I like plays!

I've really resolved to do the fringe at some point in the future. Preferably next summer. And preferably doing more than one location. I'd like to do Toronto and Saskatoon for sure, then also Montreal and Edmonton and probably tonnes of others. Seattle, specifically. Ho shit that'd be so hot. And ridiculously unrealistic.
The problem will be who to do Fringe with. Who would be realiable and fun to travel with and good.

I haven't spent any proper time with any of my friends. And, actually, people keep cancelling things. Which is silly considering how little time I'm here for. It seems like awhile, but it will go so quickly.

Verdict: No babes. None. I've checked around. There's past babes of course.. but nothing new. Quelle surprise.

I rode my/my brother's bike for around 30 seconds yesterday and, whoa was it easier to ride than mine. I guess I should seriously look into getting a better Toronto bike, especially since I'm such a bad bike rider.
It seems silly to pair up a bad bike with a bad rider.
Not that I don't love Rapido.. but.. his name is misleading.

Going to the lake tomorrow. It's supposed to be a bit warmer. Lovely for swimming I assume.
I also plan on reading a whole lot. And then reading some more. And then lying in the sun.
I kind of want to take a cat with me to the lake.

The cats are like in love with me. How do they ever live without me? And vice versa.

Well, I think I'm going back to lying around for awhile. Since that's what holidays are for.

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