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2006.09.01 11:10 a.m.

So I didn't end up going to Montreal. Which was most likely for the best. Niki ended up catching a ride with this guy we know from highschool. He wanted to move his giant van up here, so it really worked out for them.

Wednesday I did help Miranda pack. And we ate kraft dinner. And sat around talking. Next year she's planning on going to school here hopefully, so that'll be really great for me. I hate that she's always leaving.

I went to Chala's house for the secret party thing. It was pretty fun. Mostly due to the mohitos though? Made with fresh mint from Chala's garden.
The night involved eating and drinking and writing letters to our future selves and making jewlery and running around in the nighttime street with sparklers (my idea) and playing weird drama games like lying on the floor laughing.

I got drunker than I've been in awhile, but didn't really notice. Then I biked home, which was a very stupid move. Chala made me wear her helmet though because I refused to take a cab. Because I'm an idiot.
I wish I was better at drinking.

Yesterday I worked all day at Big Chill because they keep weinering me into working more. It's a good thing for them that I need money so badly.

It was really slow and I did things like re-organize the CD cabinet and wander around outside. Dana stopped by for a visit and I made her stay for a really long time. I ate a lot of ice cream. '

After work Dana came over and brought wine and made me dinner. Then she did the dishes. This is why were are getting married.
Then we went to Hootie!
We got there when they were almost done. We sat in our seats for a total of about 1 minute. Hootie sang "hold my hand" around three times. And danced around a bit. Me and Dana ran around on the concourse bothering people I know and dancing like idiots. We tried to storm the stage but the security guard stopped us before we even got to the field level. Then we kept reaching towards the stage yelling "HOOOOOOTIEEE" while everyone else sat quietly in their seats, or nerd-danced in the isle. There really was a lot of nerd dancing going on.

After that we went to Nathanael's and sat around with him. He was packing but gradually gave up on that.
Today's the day all my friends move in together. Could end badly.

On our way home we ran into our new friend Sacha, who I met through Miranda and Mark the other day. He's pretty funny and so we walked him to his streetcar.

I do like Toronto I guess.

I really listen to a lot of hiphop these days. But only really lame hiphop. I'm not sure what this is about.

Niki was here briefly this morning. Now she is busy moving and stuff. I'm stuck working at Big Chill all day, even though that was never my intention. Toooo much fun.

SweetThing tonight. I'm so ready for some dancing. So, so ready.

Then it's some sort of stupid street festival all weekend that I'm working 18 hour days at bigchill for. I hate being poor.

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