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2005.11.13 10:25 a.m.

boy all i want to do is sleep.

i thought i turned the heater on awhile ago. but i didn't and now i'm still cold. let this be a lesson to you.

i am eating candy canes however.

yesterday at work i was on the same survey, even though it was the weekend. and then they came by and they're like 'okay, you can switch projects' but it was the same survey but just for residences! so so tricksy.

apparantly my boss really likes me. or so she told ali.
ali started training there the other day. at her training the guy next to her wasn't listening at all, he was too busy drawing pictures of knives. big knives, small knives, people getting killed with knives, people stabbing themselves with knives, etc.
she was like 'they hire just about anyone, hey?'
oh yes.

i should probably give my notice soon.

okay, it's officially been two weeks since anyone's done the dishes. it's kind of a game at this point. but i should just get over it and do them. maybe this afternoon.

first i'm going to have lunch with allan. that should be good. maybe i'll get some stuff sorted out for my stand up.
apparantly after i left the other night melissa's mum announced 'meredith is comedian!'
so awesome.
hanging out with melissa and her mum made me miss my mum though.
melissa leaves for the philipines next weekend. that'll be pretty neat for her i bet.

partied at nathanael's last night. and i brought melissa and her friend sarah for a bit. it was pretty fun actually. nathanael's place is amazing. it's kind of a loft space and actually a recording studio, it's in behind a gym and there's more studios above them where dfa79 and others record. it's got the weirdest rooms with wall-laders to climb up to tiny rooms. it's fun. and they're setting up all this equipment to actually record people too. it's neat. their landlord wants to buy a hot tub for them too- that he can use sometimes and they're getting a huge deck outside of this sliding garage-type door.
they also have a full stage where bands can play.
oh my god - i just realized. i could totally stage a play there. no, it's perfect. holy fuck.
free venue!
or put on shows there. what pure brilliance. yeah, nathanael will be down i bet.

it was intense seeing everyone from school again. though i got to see carla and chris again. fuck i love them. christopher dale the little whale is so so so awesome. i'm going to go visit him oshawa maybe and meet his mother. she sounds insane.
carla tells me that her mother and family LOVED me. possibly as much as i loved them. they want me to come live with them. sounds good. i've never been to ottawa.

saw a bunch of others. suzanna, upon returning from subway:
"the guy there was, like, so desperate he's like 'can i have your number' and i'm like 'no' and he's like 'why not?' and i'm like 'because i don't give it out' and he's like 'but we could go clubbing' and i'm like 'yeah right'"
so stonedme chimes in with "yeah, i mean, who does he think he is, i totally don't give out my number, like, ever. i mean, he totally wanted to hit this and i was like 'as if'." etc, etc.
suzanna just doesn't know what to do about me i don't think. why, why does she have to talk about how hot and unattainable she is allll the time. it's very tiresome. even after being away from her for a few months.

i love nathanael, seriously what a nice guy. and i also hung out with some of the first year theatre kids and found out how it was going. aw i wish i were in theatre.

well, this is pointless. how do i find so much to write?
i need nourishment

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