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2005.11.12 9:32 a.m.

mum, you know how it's so hard to dial the phone in dreams? well i took it to the next level last night. cause now i have a cellphone and it's like 2touch dialling and stuff.
but i still couldn't do it because then my dream made it so that i took it through some security stuff at the airport and then everyone's number was erased.
how clever, dream.

i'd like to now continue with yesterday's entry if i could.
(i wrote 'thought it's irritating to be one of maybe' yesterday when i meant to write 'though it's irritating to be one of many' fyi.)

i'm told the show was actually semi-secret and members of nine inch nails were there. well, i sure wouldn't have recognized them.

i'm such a groupie. ha, except that it is so true though. at the show last night all of their friends kept wanting to be introduced to me. and this one (really drunk) guy -i'll call him johnny- is all "wow. you're beautiful. you're just so good. wow." whilst mostly staring at my chest. now, yes, i do have a nice rack, but you could at least pretend to look at my face. c'mon. and then he's all "do you have a boyfriend?" (and i blush a bit and chris puts his arm around me) and johnny's all "you're taken, aren't you? yeah, you're taken" and i'm all "one boyfriend? i've got several." - which is my standard answer to that question which is getting all-too-frequent.

johnny reminded me so much of shiraz from school, so i immediately liked him and forgave a lot of offensive things about him because i've worked hard to get along with and adore shiraz. it's bizarre.

which i think i'm going to edit this entry later (it has now been edited and take out all the embarrassing bits and bits about rockstars that they might find. so read up quick. maybe i should install nicknames and protect my identity better. yeah, like this is any time to start.

okay. so yeah.

everything was kind of wrapping up and johnny wants people to come to his house.
let's keep in mind that i was overly overly sober. to an extreme.
i say i have to go to work in the morning. and chris is having none of that. he's all 'i called your boss. it's fine.' and 'just don't go' and 'i'm taking you on tour - we'll make a weekend of it' 'no just come' etc.

so somehow i end up at johnny's house. the fucking weirdest crowd but for serious. me, chris, johnny, geordie, a tallgirl that geordie has a crush on, and some guy i've never met.

i don't know if chris actually likes me, or if he just likes power.. but he of kept an eye on me and took care of me, and came back over after untangling girls (over statement). and that was kind of nice.
and i really don't know what to think of him.

fucking weird night. i like nights like that, even though i felt like a teenager.

yesterday i was so tired at work. but it was also fun.
i think i'm going to start using a phone-sex voice to get people to do surveys.
and my bosses were all 'we're almost done this survey, then you'll get to start a new one' but then the survey was the same one, just for a different region.

then i came home, called a couple of people and then i went to sleep, planning to get up in a couple of hours. but i didn't wake up until 7 this morning. and i even went back to sleep for a bit after that.
and it was so, so good.

nathanael might have a party tonight, so that might be party party all the time. and i've been promised cute boys being there.

the next markins ide show is on tuesday. i guess we'll see where the drama gets to then.

at least it's keeping me distracted until i get to go home. and see my real loves.

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