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2005.11.11 7:31 a.m.

dear diary,
last time i checked i was still against cocaine. am i not hip anymore?
aw, i'm a total square.

ow fuck. i have to leave for work in a half an hour and i just want to sleep for days. for some strange reason i decided it would be a good idea to stay out until 3:30.
i am unable to control my body temperature. that's the first thing that goes when i get overly tired.

i worked for a bit yesterday. it was fine, i got a couple of surveys.
both men i talked to said they would never usually do it but i had such a pleasant voice.
yeah, it's actually pretty funny.
but one man was a little creepy and he just kept asking me personal questions and then when answering money-type questions he'd say "i have enough, do you want to run away together?"
at least he didn't ask me to to describe myself or ask what i was wearing.

i bought a ttc day pass yesterday because i knew i had shit to do. and so i stopped off at a bunch of places on my way home, no actually to melissa's. but i didn't really get anything. well, some candy canes and some knee highs. i wanted to find some good rubber boots (key for toronto slush-winters) but no luck. bus passes are so hot. no but for real. oh the freedom.

i went to melissa's for dinner. i hadn't been over yet. i like her mum so much. she's so nice and funny. no but for reals. she told a couple of stories about her youth that were really quite funny.
melissa's friend sarah was there. sarah lives in the co-op in montreal with melissa. she was really nice. i might hang out with her again while she's here. she's having a rough time and i relate. it sucks that being young is just so hard.

um. sarah had never really heard of a 'your mom' joke. what the hell? you montrealers - spread it to the french!

holy shit it's only 54 days until my birthday.

oh, mum - i think i'm going to fly home instead of taking the train/bus. my coupon doesn't work anymore and it would be near the same price. so i'll just work an extra couple of days here and it'll balance out i think.
whatevs, you're paying for it. right now at least.
also: where's my birth certificate?

okay someone actually googled "matt and jenny" t-shirt wilderness trail! who was this? that is toooo funny. i hope it wasn't neil/martin because i didn't say flattering things about the show.
but i do still like the t-shirt.

after i got home from melissa's priscilla called and we decided to try and go see themar kinsde at the bovine. i ended up getting in, thinking priscilla was already inside and then she ended up waiting outside for forever and it was cold and i feel so bad.
it was super packed and weren't allowed to go in and out. it was the after party for the nin/dfa1979 show. it was pretty crazy. dfa1979 were there, but they weren't being particularly jerky. that's good.

i did miss the marks (again) and i was sad. i hear chris got up on the bar. that's hot. all coyote ugly and shit.

i saw c'mon however. and they were so good. oh so good. rocking good party time good.

it was weird being by myself. and geordie had girls that he was flirting with. which was awesome. and know. awkward.
we didn't really hang out at all. so it was interesting.

i hung out with gus for a long time and with geoff. geoff says i can come over and meet his baby sometime. and maybe i will! oh i do like babies.

so it was fun last night, and also weird because i was dead sober and everyone else was so trashed.

chris and i hung out a lot of the time. and danced to c'mon and mostly flirted a bit. which is hot. fyi.

it's very weird to be lead through crowds by a rockstar that people want to hit on. i felt uncomfortable.

they're becoming such fucking rockstars. everyone was all over them. especially all over chris. so so strange.
and i can see how it would be hard not to let it go to your head. and i think it is with them. starting at least.

fuck i ran out of time. i'm going to be late for work. i'll finish this later. so, uh, buckle down.

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