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2006.06.13 1:13 p.m.

Days are good. I like it when my house is filled up with people. Living alone is perfect when there are good eggs nearby.

I did get tickets for Hair!!! I got the last three together paywhatyoucan. Perfect. And the ticket guy and I had this moment where we just grinned at each other. There was something about him. He was very pretty and, I assume, gay and I really just like him.
Those are good moments.

Melissa came over for a bit beforehand and we talked girltalk and about our lives and mostly about how irresponsible we are. Being an adult is hard work.

Then we went and met her mother and went to the play. Which I loved. I like planning on loving things and then following through.

There were obviously problems. The whole thing was very busy and overwhelming and lacking in plot. But I just love the music so much that it was like going to a good concert. At one point I choked up and just missed my mum so so very much. It seemed unfair that she wouldn't be coming with me.

It's funny how much I like hanging out with Melissa and her mum. Nat's just too cute and she hugs me and kisses my cheek and tells hilarious stories, and we find each other amusing. And she and Melissa are so funny together.
Nat had packed sandwiches and cut-up apples in case we got hungry. And she was late and was so worried that we'd be mad.

After I met up with Sophia, Norman, Morgan, Jamie, Jamie's Lady friend (Amy. Oh no. Amy and Jamy) and her friend.
They were kind of finishing up there but I had a beer and visited. I think I'm going to talk Morgan into doing a play with me. I think I'd really like to work with him.

Seeing Hair just made me jealous. Oh the curtain call. Boy would I like to have a curtain call. Boy do I have a bow you won't forget.
(Laugh-In joke: I'm seeing this nudist flutist - she's not a very good musician. But she has a bow you won't forget)
I think I should act.

Afterwards Morgan and Norman came over because they're always up for party. I like them a whole lot. Morgan and I played a drinking game for around 1 minute. Because gin isn't good without mix. And we are babies.

J Adam came over (again. gosh.) and they all chattered movies and things and I wished I'd gone to film school. And hoped that I'd know them for awhile and get to work with all of them.

J Adam surprises me. And interests me and I am so comfortable with him and it's so easy. We are not each other's 'types' and it doesn't matter. He is care-taking in a way that I am in need of. He does things like spends a quarter hour searching for a store to get candy for me and buys chocolate soy milk to keep at his house in case I come over and leaves me notes. Things that most boys would believe me when I say I don't need. And it feels like we are so good for each other.
Probably soon he'll get tired of me making fun of his socks-and-sandals and his soul-patch and everything else that I like to mock. Probably I'll flip out over how cheesy he is and say "you're not even in a band!".
But right now it's..

Now I have very little sleep and I need to get moving and open my eyes properly.

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