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2006.06.12 1:14 p.m.

New /private.

I did try to update but this browser likes to break as soon as I'm done the entry. And then all is lost. Oh the sadness.

I need to hurry this up because I'm supposed to go get tickets to see Hair before they sell out. If we can get tickets then Melissa, her mother and I are going to go see it. That'll be a treat.

The weekend was good. Parts were excellent.

Work was fun on Friday. I was very charming and made lots of tips. I love tips!

On my way home from work I saw Rebecca and Gwyneth and so I hopped off the streetcar and went to them. They were going drinking with their friend Drew and so I went with them. Because I'm always up for drinking.
I ran into my favorite AdamJones on my way there and I hugged him a bit then ran away.

We went and had a couple at the Embassy. And then we were going to go dancing.. but I decided to go home. It's funny, usually I'm up for a party all night.. but lately I've been weinering out early.
Must be getting old.

Saturday J Adam took me to the ballgame. Which ended up being much more fun than I expected.
We sat up in 500 (which is the highest ever) and we climbed and sat in some of the highest seats. I wanted to spit on people. But I didn't.

We watched the game for a bit (and by we, I mean J Adam). Then we went and wandered around a whole bunch and visited a few people and we acted like normal people who go on dates.
That's weird for me.

Sandy, one of my managers who I really like, got us a tonne of free food. Which was pretty amazing. She kept trying to get us to take more. It was so nice.

The Jays lost.

Then somehow I became the best date ever when we went to my house and I made supper (quesadillas and salad) while J Adam watched the hockey game.
Sometimes I surprise myself. And it was really nice.

After the hockey game we met Tamara and went to see SweetThing. And we were late but we girls went the front and danced and danced. I always feel so good when I'm dancing. Strong and unstoppable and perfect in a strange way.
SarahBurton was there dancing too and Martha and me shook it a bit. These two strange girls started dancing onstage and totally overstayed their welcome. And me and Martha were going to beat them down but we couldn't on account of we can't risk our beautiful faces.

J Adam's good to take along places with me because I don't feel like I need to take care of him or that I'm responsible for him or anything.
And he's friendly and immediately engages everyone.
He recognized Tyler from auditions and things. And he and Tamara have worked with a tonne of the same people. The industry is actually really small. For those that work continuously at least.

I don't think I like being with working actors. It just makes me angry.

I worked way too early on Sunday. I left J Adam to sleep in. And was very, very jealous.
But work was pretty steady and the girl I worked with was nice. At one point I almost got killed by a falling keg. Those things are dangerous.

I have a giant bruise on my arm that I don't remember getting. I can only surmise that J Adam beats me in my sleep.

Got home from work and ate a whole lot because at a certain point of exhaustion all I want to do is gorge.

I watched TV and computed and talked to my mum on the phone. And then J Adam came over again. He's living in Kingston right now and he's only up for the weekend. And he's going to Tuscany for a month right away.
Which is good on account of I am not dating him.
Except that I keep being surprised by him. And by myself with him.
In really nice ways.

Okay. Shit I gotta get dressed and get out of the house. Get stuff done. Gotta go party party etc etc.

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