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2006.06.14 4:13 p.m.

life life life life life life life life life life life life life life life life life life life


taking stock here and there is a good thing.

Ali and I went to aunties yesterday. Had such good food and talked shop. Then we took the camera and went and did my pictures. Which I picked up this morning. And they are alright. Dammit my hair is soooo bad in some of them. But I think there's a couple that good. I'm going to meet with the agent tomorrow and discuss. I'm terrified he'll want to use one I think is bad. I'll talk him out of it though. Obviously.

Whilst taking photos on College David (who wasn't working at aunties that day) walked by with Hayden (!!!) and yelled "that was a good one!" and I laughed at him and then noticed it was Hayden that he was with. Hayden grinned at me. This means that we're in love.
I grabbed the camera and ran out to take a picture of them walking away but Hayden turned around and saw me. So I laughed. And didn't take a picture.
Now Hayden may have fallen out of love with me. And might feel like I'm a creepy stalker. But it would've been a brilliant picture. Them walking away down college.

Worked last night. Made okay money. The girl I worked with, Maxine, was a party. We talked a lot about babes and sex and cinnabon and party. It was busy and I work so much that I'm starting to recognize frequent game-goers. That's crazy.

After work Maxine, Mishka (also work bud) came with me to see Ryan O''Rielly, a brit who's been playing with the sweetthing kids for a bit now. We met Tamara there. And the other kids of course. It was a sweet show and I danced. The music was really nice. all alt-country and stuff. I think the workgirls had a good time. They like indie-babes and shows. Man I like just inviting people along with me.

The more I see Martha the more I like her. And I talked with MorganWaters for awhile and now we are officially buds. Which I am very glad for. He's ridiculously funny.

Tam and I went for drinks with Nick, Tyler, Ryan, and whole bunch of other kids afterwards and it was a treat. A real treat. I do like those kids. We made awful, awful jokes and Tyler made a lot of messes and Nick and I caught up a bit. I love the way that Tyler and Nick interact and make fun of each other and I love making friends and new jokes and just laughing.

On the way home, Tamara and I walked up Bathurst and talked about love and things. Hard things. We actually sat on someone's step for a good hour or more and opened up and cried.

It was so necessary and hard and good and wonderful.

I'm glad that these people come into my life. I'm so lucky.

This is the time.

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