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2006.02.26 3:27 p.m.

I just don't feel like diary-writing these day. But I do like to have it all kept up to date. For posterity. I think I'll like this when I'm old. I mean, if I ever remember to save it disk/print it off.

I know that I have nothing to do but these days I don't feel like doing anything. ever.

And I know it's silly but I don't feel like auditioning for student films anymore. They really need such a commitment..
It would be different if I had my first realtime actra credit because then I could do the student films to get another couple of credits and be closer to being a full member.

I feel like I'm ready to get (real) paid.

Well. It's now 6:43, and I started writing this at 3:30... yeah. Not feeling it.

It's been an okay weekend. Although weekends aren't much different from weekdays in my world.

Priscilla did end up coming with me to the sweetthing show on friday. And her friend met us there. So I didn't have to go alone and I was glad. Though we were both overly-tired and dancing was a strain. But I did it.

I was there for awhile alone before she got there and I managed to get talked to by two guys. Like in a 15 minute span. I am not going anywhere alone. Especially when I'm tired and irritable.

And I like that sweetthing (especially Tyler) really likes it that I dance. I really do every time. And I really do like it.
And I like Tyler because he's just so friendly and nice. Like I always feel like he's really glad to see me.

Seeing Nick was good except for when I asked him if he had filled out my personality window thing. And he had no idea what I was talking about. So I looked like an idiot.
That's so weird. I don't know any other Nicks. And who would put Nick if they weren't him? What's the point..
I hate the internet.

After the show, P and I went to JunJun (the only place she ever eats) and we ended up sitting there for a good two hours (untiil 3 am) just talking and talking. We get like that sometimes.
And it was really nice.

Yesterday I finally slept a lot. I'm still sick but trying pretty hard to fight it.

I went to a play down at Humber with Ali. It was pretty bad and I was disapointed. I usually really like their shows. I felt the cast was really weak this year and the show wasn't compelling or interesting really.

I'm so not-all-over boys again. For a couple of days there I thought I was again.. but nope. Not really feeling it. There were a couple of the theatre boys there that I've had crushes on in the past.. but I just didn't care.
Which was kind of rewarding with Jesse, because he definitely knew I really liked him, and last night it seemed like he was more interested in talking to me than I was to him.
Whatever, you know it's all about winning.

I'm not feeling competitive.

I came home and watched Prom Queen, which I'd taped. Yeah, it was pretty funny. And pretty bad. I actually thought Nick was quite good. And Tyler was Tyler and I find Tamara really fascinating to look at. She has beautiful colouring.
Yeah, I wish I got to do a made for tv movie.

Figaro's still sick.
One more day then I officially get worried. And get my carpets steam-cleaned.

I had re-training at the skydome today. I just wish they'd start having shifts. God I need money.

Rehearsal tonight. I don't feel like going. I'm a bad kid. I haven't even read the script for the other one.
Motivate me.

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