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2006.02.24 11:36 a.m.

So. I'm sick.
I finally have caught a cold. I've been expecting this for awhile. And I'm still unimpressed. But I'm doing my best to ignore it. Even though it woke me up at 8 am today. Looks like I'll be able to nap this afternoon.
My throat hurts a lot right around my gag reflex. So I mostly just feel like throwing up. It's pretty bizarre.

My sick voice is very good to sing along with Buffy Sainte-Marie.

It's funny how much folk music I actually know when I pay attention. Today I'm downloading more Buffy Sainte-Marie and a lot of Joan Baez.

I think I'm going to make potato garlic soup. I need a way to ingest a tonne of garlic and onions. Because then people will want to kiss me.
I wish I had an oven in order to roast the garlic.

I'm too irresponsible to be a grownup.

Figaro's sick. He keeps vomitting all over my carpet. Which I love. I'm glad I don't have shag.
He's napping now and hopefully he's starting to feel better.
Apparantly he just gets like this sometimes.
I don't like it.

Speaking of. I'd really, really like to get a new stomach. I am getting very tired of this nonsense.
My stomach hurt too bad to dance really yesterday. That seems terribly unfair.

The show was really bizarre. No, actually, it was a typical rock show. But it was weird how Ali, P and I reacted to it. If we'd been drinking it might have been a different story. But everyone was overly-drunk, in a messy, sloppy way.
Ali and P ended up leaving before the marks were done even. It just seemed like they could have done a better show if they were more coherent..
Though Ali and P missed when Chris took off all his clothes. I'm not sure it was worth staying for.
It was strange and everyone was slam-dancing and slipping around on all the alcohol coating the floor. (I kind of wanted to set it on fire.) Everyone left by the end was just so, so fucked. And it was fine... I don't know.
Chris has a new girlfriend. That Ali used to work with. Why is this world so, so small.. She seems nice enough, and pretty embarassed when he started getting naked.

There was the one stand-up comic guy there who was ridiculously funny. I know because I wasn't drunk. He really was funny. Me and Priscilla almost fell over. I've never seen stand-up be successful at rock shows, but this guy proved it could be done.

Hey, take a couple of seconds to go sign the petition to save This is Wonderland. Because I need to get cast in it. So save it for me.

Christ I'm in a bad mood. I think everyone will have ditched out on tonight and it's going to be so fucking awkward going to sweetthing alone. But how can I not go? With their new secret weapons and there fantastic dance moves?

Oh, tomorrow at 7 on CTV you can watch Nick and Tyler and Tamara in Prom Queen. I know I'm going to. I'm pretty excited actually. I still haven't seen it yet. Apparantly Nick's only briefly in it, but I'll still laugh.
I like it when people I know do things. And then I can see them.

I had coffee with Geordie this morning. We went to Boom and made Priscilla be our server and we sexually harassed her. I think that made her feel better.
Did you know that Geordie and I never officially broke up?
Longest relationship of my life.

I think something's getting killed if I don't have a nap soon. Or if things don't start coming up Meredith.

I wonder if I'll get to be like 30 years old and still be like "I wish I had someone to go to shows with me".
Seems overly-likely.

What I'd give for some sort of throat paste.

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