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2006.12.20 10:41 a.m.

Last night I tried on the phrase "I hate Christmas". It was late at night and I was near tears with frustration over nothing at all. And also everything.
It didn't suit me though. And the words didn't come out right. And I do really like it.

Yesterday was busy too. The mall was busy and we didn't really get breaks and electricians came and set up over our sorbet so we had to close the doors for a while. I was tired and irritable and I'm just glad that I like my co-workers.

Chrismorin came to meet me after work and I gave him a smoothie. I'm in love with being able to give people smoothies. Especially at Christmas time.
We went to his house and he made some soup and biscuits. I immediately spilled the soup all over my lap. We watched Seinfeld, and it occurs to me that we might actually be friends.

Later I went to Andrewkeith's, much later than I was supposed to be there. He has built a sweet fat quinzy (sp?) and we sat inside of it. If the pictures I took in there turn out I will post them and maybe it'll give you a vague idea of what it was like. It had a whole built-in pillar-bar and he'd put in candles everywhere and the floor was covered in blankets. It really was very dreamy. It would have been better if we were all young and we were secretly drinking in our parents' backyard, but. Andrewkeith's always been good at spaces.
I didn't get to visit with him for very long and then some more of his friends came over - and I don't know them and I was feeling awkward. And feeling like being awkward on purpose so.. then I left.
I wish that Andrewkeith and I had related more. Soon I guess.

After, I went and met Matt and Stevedave at Alexander's. They were there with Matt's brother and my camera guy Terry and another friend. A lot of boys! My kind of scene. It was pretty fun and much less awkward than the quinzy group, I'm not sure why. Maybe 'cause the quinzy group almost all girls? Boys are easier to make immediately into your best friend. They just are. I wish Steve and I lived in the same city because I just like seeing her. It doesn't have to involve doing anything exciting - she's just nice to be around.

I can't believe that there are still so many people that I haven't seen yet. It breaks my heart and yet I'm tired of the output of effort it takes sometimes.

My aunt might be getting into town today. I bet that means a fam-din. I need a good sit-down. Maybe I can work in some decorating/baking at the same time? Maybe I can work in some shopping beforehand?
Oh ugh.

And John's leaving tomorrow so I really need to see him. All of a sudden I haven't been seeing him every day and I miss him. I can't believe he is actually planning on moving away. How unfair.

Oh good! My mum just came back and my work shirt was in the truck! Now I can be a productive member of society again.

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