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2006.12.26 2:04 a.m.

New /private.

Where do the days keep slipping off to? Oh I would like an entire day with nothing to do. And every time I sit stubbornly and refuse to help out at home in hopes of gathering up some sort of resources to go on with I just amass guilt.
Which makes me even more lethargic and heavy heavyheavy with it all.

I have so many diamond rings that my delicate tiny hands are just weighted down with them. And the way they shimmer and sparkle...
I have a set now that looks just fantastical as an engagement/wedding band set. I wore them the other night with a veil my mum bought for Rachel's present.. if the pictures turn out I will post them and you will be in awe.

Pictures pictures! I got three rolls developed yesterday and there are some beauties. Oh the ones of John in the magic show! I will post them when I get home and have my scanner (and new computer oh the love of my life).
Quite a few nice additions to my portraiture collection. Beautiful ones of Mairin especially and of Gill and Charlotte. So nice. Such beautiful people I know. Just gorgeous.
And cute ones of the babies of course. Ethan and Rachel are too good looking.

I've been busy. In a nice way, of course, filled up with some of the loveliest people I could imagine.. but still stressful. Even the good things are stressful in their ways.

I did get to see John before he left. And I'm sure I'll see him as soon as he gets back. I hope so anyway. He was feeling ill and was being very cute and in pajamas and curled on the sofa. He'd not heard of David Shrigley so I was extra glad to have gotten him the book of postcards.. I wonder if I will be able to find interesting things to say and write to him.

Niki and I have not been hanging out to the degree which would be appropriate - but I'm sure we'll make up for it back in Toronto, so. Actually, it seems like I see her a lot and haven't related to her at all.

I got to go to a potluck at Steph's on Friday. That was a time. Charlotte was there! And Ellen and Maggi and Angee and even Gill and Steph of course. It was a good opportunity to see people. That's where I took a lot of the pictures. Oh Charlotte. I really want to see her before we both go away again. It was odd to hang out with Gill outside of work but also pretty sweet. I really do think she's good.
Saw Fraser too. Oh I miss being best friends with him. I don't like having to ask him to make room in his life for me when I'm back, but I do like to see him. His skinny arms and his annoyed faces.
Steph's house is very nice. It makes me jealous not to live here and have tonnes of space.

There are too many things making me want to just stay here. I will not. Cannot. Won't. But sometimes I do want to.

After Steph's I went to the Yard with Mairin and Alisin. Oh the dreamboats. What a bunch of hot wine-toothed babes we were. It was quite a time and there were many kids from near and far all amassing in that tiny pub. It was one of those classic Saskatoon Christmas moments. Much needed.

Saturday I went out for my birthday. Just to the Yard again and just sat around and visited. And drank. When do I not drink though? I was glad to see the kids that I did see. I got an amazing assortment of cards. Some of the best ever I'd say. Niki's condom-lined one was especially nice. I loved how it was accompanied by wishes for my HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. And Chala threw some tiny packets of lube at me (sugar-free??), originating from Eliciaeliot. Odd. I wonder what she was doing with sooooo many tiny packets of lube. I tried to give some to my cousin this morning. Merry Christmas to her!
After Yard we went to Amigos briefly and saw Clint (sans dreads! What the hell! He looked very pretty) and somehow got all of Amigos to sing Happy Birthday to me. Which was good because I think that's been the only time this year. I managed to avoid it because I somewhat hate it. And also somewhat love it. I saw Judge Reinhold (aka John's friend Clark). I managed to yell at him a lot about being old. I think he enjoyed it.
We went to Lydia's and found Constantine. From there we went on one of the most awkward car rides. Const, me, Niki, Chala, (Const's ex) Katie, and Connor (who I know vaguely from highschool). Weird. Very weird. But I was glad for a ride home. And I like Const. Except for his tighttighttight pants. Just give it up. No, seriously though. You cannot teach highschool in those. I can see your junk. I can tell you everything you have in your pockets.

Sunday was my birthday and I tried to sleep in.. it didn't work that well. Disappointing. I got a sweet phone call first thing. I hate the phone. It is very obnoxious and gets in my way. And it frustrating because just think how much better it would be to actually see each other!
I parked myself at Winston's (which is actually kind of sweet pub. I like the decor and the booths and the way the light gets it..) all afternoon. People came and visited and drank and ate and brought gifts and got gifts and it was a pretty sweet way to spend an afternoon. A good chunk of the most well-loved people were by.

You should see the silk robe that Chala bought me. Very hottt. I think it might be the only thing I wear from now on. I might even take up nude modeling in order to have an excuse to wear it in public.
Chala and I have a date to sit around in them early one morning drinking mimosas and smoking cigarettes from an obscenely long holder. I will take pictures.

Oh, god, please give me things to look forward to in Toronto.

Family last night and today. The traditions of my birthday and Christmas are the best parts. We like stockings in our family. We are good at stockings.
Oh who am I kidding? We are good at all of it. The food, the gifts, the conversation, the cuteness (especially), the humour value, etc etc. If getting a good fam is luck - then well, hit me. Wait. I don't even know what I meant by that.

I'm glad that my aunt liked the camera we got for her. I was a little worried. But then also very excited that she would be excited. And she was. Now we are camera twinsies.

I hate Christmas dinner. I've hated Christmas dinner for about a decade now. This is not something that will ever be happily resolved I'm afraid. And I'm unsure of what to do about it and it makes me feel helpless like a whiney child. And my family will back me up on this I'm sure.
So I do believe that I will have to start making my own Christmas traditions.
I have a year to give thought to this I guess.

Oh goodness. Messenger just took over my life for about two hours there. I couldn't even take it. I need sleep like you would not believe and yet here I am unable to pull my little face from the interweb light, and I've still important emails to compose, to people in need of entertainment. People I would really not like to let down..

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