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2006.12.19 10:35 a.m.

Holy shit is actually technically almost Christmas. If you don't hurry up you will so not be done all of your stuff..
And by 'you' I clearly mean 'I'.

Life is ridiculously sweet and so I will almost certainly try and wreck everything that I touch starting very soon... or maybe I've already started. Yeah, I totally have. But with limited success.

The Boosterjuice staff party was pretty fun. We started drinking at five-thirty (I think I was most successful at it) and by dinner time I was wrecked. Which is good when you have to have a nice sit-down dinner with grown-ups and some kids and all of your co-workers.
There were twin magicians who entertained us. TWINS. That was the best part. And they were so kind of awkward and creepy. But also extremely good at their tricks. I love it when magicians pretend that they've screwed up and then at the last minute pull your card out of their butt or something.
I spent a good deal of effort heckling them. And yelling "BAM!" whenever they did a particularly good trick. I'm pretty sure I stayed on the right side of the obnoxious line.... but it was pretty close.
We went drinking afterwards as well but unfortunately some of my favourite under-agers got kicked out. I feel like everyone should be allowed to drink if I want them to.

Yesterday was mad busy. I'm not really a fan of making ten plans in a row but I do need to see everyone and spend as much time with everyone as physically possible.

Ellen came and met me after work and I gave her a boosterjuice. We went to the livingroom to have coffee. God I like Ellen. God I like everyone. Coffee with Ellen is never, ever long enough.

Hillary picked me up to have dinner and we went to Chianti's for our big Valentines day dinner date. She brought me the most beautiful red velvet card and in it said that she had even been willing to put out at one point during our (long and difficult) relationship. Fuck I'm sad I missed that window of opportunity.
I love pasta frenzy! I made the server decide what I would like and she was sooo right.

Chala came over later and we decorated my Christmas tree and she strung popcorn. We had mad girltalk and it was well, well needed. She's home for two weeks which is the longest she's been back in years. I'm not sure she knows what to do with herself. At all.
I love her and I am very glad to have her in my family.

The tree turned out fairly hilariously.
No one is surprised there.

Jesus shit son I'm going to miss my bus! Then probably my eternal Valentine will fire me...

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