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2006.07.16 5:46 p.m.

I don't think I'll bathe today because I think I'll go swimming instead. And that's almost like bathing. But with more pee in the water. My feet are very grubby and have sandal lines in the dirt on them.

Worked on Friday. It was slow and so I ate fries and wandered around a bit. Didn't make very good money but Ali and I were working side-by-side so at least there was someone to bother.

Afterwards Ali came with me to the show. I ran home first and changed my clothes (I can't stand the heat) and found Niki. Got back just in time for the Weather Station. Lots of people were there, including Nathanael and Miranda and her friend John and her boyfriend Jordan.
It was a very good set. But people were talking loudly and it was hard to concentrate.
Jordan bought me a couple of drinks 'cause he's all employed and stuff, and I got a bit drunk. So it goes.
It rained and we all huddled together under an umbrella on the patio but the splash up from the sidewalk got us anyway.

Saturday Niki and I went to visit Chala and to eat at the brunch place she works at, Luna. Her friend Charlotte, who I had met at her potluck last week, was working there as well and it was nice. That restaurant is quite good looking and chill. Just pleasant to be in. We had bagel sandwiches and I had a delicious smoothie.

Then I went to work again. I worked with a nice girl and we made good money, so it was well worth my time and effort.

Niki and I drank some gin and then took our matching flasks to the part at the roof kids house. It was alright. Actually the beginning was boring and fine and the end was pretty fun. I saw some people there that I like such as David, Paul, Alex, Nick, Martha, Owen, Tyler, Angeroo, Leslie, Dana, Sarah Burton, etc etc. You get the picture.
The end was extra spectacular on account of Niki and Leslie creating a dance studio where we will all be instructors, called MOVES CORPS DANCE ACADEMY.
This proceeded to get awesomer by us also deciding that we need to make music to accompany our dance moves - so we will start making dance music in a pussy-cat dolls kind of a way. Except way, way hotter.
Then we will be making music videos to accompany our songs. Then we will become internet superstars on account of Myspace and YouTube will totally hook us up.
Gahddd that's going to be so, so hott. Like I can't even explain.
But I will mention that we'll all have
matching spandex outfits.

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