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2006.11.11 4:34 p.m.

Hmm. Since I've started telling people that my Christmas/birthday party will also be my zine launch.. I should probably write the damn zine.

I officially have a cold. And, good lord, do I hate having colds. Except when I get one of those nice phlegmy coughs that really feels like it's productive, even if all it's producing is phlegm itself.
Everyone at work seemed under the weather yesterday, probably because of the vast amounts of drinking going on the night before, so I got stuck closing. From about 10 until I got to leave just after 1, I had nothing really to do. And hosting is annoying because I can't sit down, I can't colour or read my book, I just have to stand there.

Luckily, Kris was the closing dining room server. If he wasn't around to amuse me I might have punched someone. Jobs really all come down to who you work with. Well, mostly, anyway.
He really made the night much better by being funny and dancing and being rude to customers in a way that they didn't even notice.
I told Kris and Mick (the BMX-faced one) about MCDA, they beat-boxed while I rapped. I'm kind of a big deal like that. Uh oh, I gave Kris the myspace address for MCDA.. he could totally link over here and read it. But I feel like that would be fine. He seems cool enough to handle reading about himself on the internet.

Honestly, I'm not going to be that unhappy with leaving work. Even though there are people that I really adore. It's just stressful in weird ways, and hard and doesn't pay enough to make it worthwhile.
But it's also fine. And getting big paycheques is very, very weird for me as I'm used to either working very casually or for virtually all tips. Oh money.

Okay I'm irritable. So irritable. I am hormonal, tired, and sick. Work is going to be such a party tonight.

Why is there no damn food in this household?

I booked my flight home today. The airfares went down again, so I got it while the getting was good. It's on Saturday, December 2nd. Which means I get to go to the sweetthing CD release (December 1st - you really should come, it's going to be such fun). Which I'm very excited about. I think it was Nick who I told I might not be able to go, and he said "but we need you there". I know that he was just saying that but still.
Yeah. Bands are so a fan of me.

I just can't seem to get moving today. I would just like to lie around all day watching TV. I guess I'll have to plan that for tomorrow. A long with everything else I've been promising myself I'll do just as soon as I have a day off. Or I'll just sleep forever.

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