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2006.11.13 1:21 p.m.

I feel productive today. Except time keeps slipping away - eaten up by computers and baths and errands.
I would feel much better if my house was clean. Especially considering it's going to need to be for my upcoming party and all the entertaining I plan on doing before going home.

Oh home! less than three weeks away you know.
Only 1.5 months until Christmas. Not even.

I am fairly upset with my body. It's just hurting all over. I have pretty terrible cramps and I still have a nasty cold. This seems unfair. Yesterday I took a lot of tylenol 2s and they really didn't seem to help. I just felt stoned and out of it but still in a lot of pain. Gross. I guess I should get a proper prescription for proper painkillers. If I'd get around to going to a doctor.

Work was annoying on Saturday. I was just too sick to work properly. And coat-check was busy and people were bitchy. And at one point it got way too full so I had to close it for ten minutes to wait for some coats to leave and to re-organize. These two women flipped out "There's no more room!!! That's like saying there's no more beer!!!!" No. No it's not like saying that at all.
Also, the acoustics are very weird so that I can hear everything people at the front are saying even when I'm buried in coats at the back, but they don't think I can hear them at all. Makes for awkward situations. Things I've over-heard include: "Just don't tip her - maybe then she'll work faster" and "Oh my God, she totally lost our coats" - which I'd like to point out, I have never done.
Humans are so bizarre. Sooo bitchy.

Sunday I went for brunch with Sophia and Nathanael to Sneaky Dee's. It always feels like three in the morning in Sneaky Dee's, regardless of the real time. I would have gone to aunties but it was lined up until next week. Which is why I never go there on the weekends.

Sophia and I went to Value Village. I wish I had been feeling better. I would have been a much more productive shopper. I still managed to get a few things of course. Mostly sweaters. Two black sweaters (one nice turtle-neck to wear to work and one with ribbons and lace bits on the front), a black sleeveless top to wear to work (they're very big into black at beer market), and a green sweater-bunnyhug that is remarkably soft and has heart-buttons on the sleeves and is that dorky dip-dyed look where it is darker at the bottom than at the top.

I spent the rest of yesterday in bed watching TV, or on the computer. Luckily Sundays are pretty good for TV. Mostly because of the hours of Home Improvement and of America's Funniest Home Videos.
Okay but Home Improvement is actually really good. I love how Tim and Jill love each other so much, and how they're such big geeks and how the kids interact like kids and how all the laughs aren't based on something going horribly wrong/them embarrassing themselves/someone getting hurt. Sometimes it's genuinely funny. Watching that or old episodes of Roseanne or Friends makes me really want to write/star in a sitcom. It's too bad about all sitcoms being god-awful these days... but maybe they could be reinvented...

Work again today!!! I wonder how that'll go. I have to say, anything that involves standing up is just not that appealing to me right now.

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