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2006.11.10 2:28 p.m.

God, someone do the dishes already. This is getting ridiculous.

I seem to have misplaced my glasses. Not that I ever wear them... except to watch TV... I would still like to find them. I am badly, badly in need of new glasses. I'm sure it's been four years or so since getting new ones. I don't really think that my prescription has changed, but still. Also, I've had the same type of frames since getting glasses in grade ten. So since uh 1998. Whoa. Good thing my taste never changes I guess.
Lately I've been wearing my hilarious wire-rimmed ones from back in the day, that I never even wore back in the day. They are very, very sexy.
Sometimes I just want to jump up on myself and get myself wet when I catch sight of my reflection while wearing the specs.
Hot spec sex!!

I have this weird feeling that I have a lot of money. Which is nowhere near true, but I really feel like I'm rich. This is leading to horrific behaviour. I'm leaking money. It is such bad news.

Work was alright last night. There's this one manager-ish woman called Erin, who is very bizarre. She is a "go-getter" and a "productive worker". She's taken to working the host stand with us on Thursdays and Friday. She likes to come up with new ways to better sell customers on how great it is to be there. She likes to give us pointers on how to do things more efficiently. Most of all, she likes to drive me nuts.
Last week she said to me QUOTE: "My mother always used to tell me, 'You only know you have 24 hours left. You might not be able to go to your job tomorrow, your job might not be there tomorrow. So you only know that you have this shift left, so if you give 110 % every day then you won't have regrets.""
Or some other nonsense.
What the hell? Who says things like that.
But she's actually really nice. Just so bizarre. Where do these people come from? The best part about it is that a couple of the other managers, Pat specifically, seem just as baffled by her as I am!

I have to give my two weeks notice soon. And I'm not going to be that sad really. I mean, it's fine, but it's also really annoying and people are idiots and the pay really isn't that great. And as soon as I give my notice I can work far less hard. Or at least worry less about hiding my sudoku and magazines.

Last night I went and met up with Sarah and Leslie and Dana at Sarah's show. Tamara came and met us too. We drank a bit and chatted and I saw a bit of Sarah's set before me and Tamara went to Tyler's ep release. When we got there it turned out Tyler had gone on remarkably early and so we'd missed a good chunk of his set. But it was still really fun. I like that his family was all there and all of his castmates. Erica and her friend Liz and new man-interest came as well. I've actually never seen the Supermarket anywhere near that full. It was very nice. Morganwaters plays in Tyler's band as well as in Sweetthing and i seriously can't watch him. He's just too funny to take seriously onstage.
The music itself was good. Better than I'd expected. Tyler really does have a remarkable voice. It is the perfect teen heartthrob voice. No denying.
It was so good to see Erica some more. I like her a lot, I find her very amusing in a way that I don't get anywhere else. Her new man-interest is black (and also such, SUCH a babe). He likes to make comments/jokes about race and so that means we can too. I won't share them with the internet though because tones-of-voice don't come through properly.

I hung out with Nick and Owen a whole bunch and it was really nice to see both of them. Owen is so sweet and amusing. Turns out we work around the corner from each other. I told him we should take smoke breaks together... although neither one of us smoke really.
Nick's planning on getting his solo stuff going. Which is the best plan. He does have such a delightful voice. I told him he looks fat in his new commercial. Which isn't even that true. Also, it's not in a bad way, I think he looks good, older somehow, nice.
Tyler was looking radiant and seemed in good spirits, he signed my CD for me, it says: "to Meredith, love you forever, you truly are my best friend". Wow. Beat that.
Well, except that Morganwaters did beat that when he signed it too, right on the CD beside where it said Tyler's name. It now reads "Tyler Kyte has a major boner for you (heart), Morgan".
I hung out with Morgan a bunch. He really is very funny. Sarah came by and she, Tamara, Morganwaters, and Tyler's friend Christina (who I've met before and is very fun) went to do more drinking at sneaky dee's. Oh funs! I love it when people are up for doing things with people they don't really know!
I won't stop introducing myself to Morganwaters or calling him by his full name. I think he finds this endearing. Actually, I think he's going to slap me soon.
He said he listened to all of our MCDA songs on myspace. I assume that he loved them. We now officially have celebrity fans. Did you know that he won the Gemini for best children's programing? That's fairly awesome. Good work on the cancelling, CBC. Good, good work.

Oh, wow, I really intended on getting things done today. But no! Only sitting in front of the computer and then going to work. I haven't bought proper groceries in way too long and if I don't get some in the near future I'm going to be living off nutella by the spoonful and red river cereal.

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