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2005.04.18 12:12 p.m.

251 days until christmas.

i am so sick. it's ridiculous. although i'm feeling a lot better than i was yesterday, when every time i coughed it was so painful i thought i was going to throwup or die or possibly both, simultaneously.
it's just a cold i think. and i'm in love with nyquil. hot shit. i like going to sleep so quickly.

touro has started going outside sometimes, equiped with a collar, tag, and the knowledge that i love him.
he's hilarious when i come to get him, all excited. yesterday i went to run an errand and when i came back he saw me from way down the block and came running. he is such a good cat.

i got a job. now everyone can stop worrying, yeah, i know you were. at the skydome, excuse me, rogers centre. serving beer. yeah, i get to be a beer girl. even though i'm not very hot. oh well, i'll just work on getting hotter and then i'll make good tips.

i like baseball.
i mean, more than being shot in the groin.

the tea dance was fun. i danced with some cute boys. and lifted my dress a lot. i talked to viv about how she has also taught nick and she said "oh meredith, he's so sweet". viv's so cute.

friday i went to see white cowbell oklahoma with nick, owen, and alex. it was bizarre. it was definitely a 'show'. i don't remember the band's music that well, but i do remember the costumes, chainsaw, cowbell, strippers, and the guy playing guitar with his penis.
it was fun.

nick and i went for brunch on saturday at aunties. why do i never get sick of that place? and we sat outside for the first time this year. it's definitely getting to be summer.

the big chill is open again and i'm getting free ice cream sometimes. from rory, who i quite like.

saturday i wandered all over downtown, bought some beads, dropped off some resumes. bought a butterfly-print red chinese silk bag for $5.

then alisin came over and i did all my dishes (for the first time in weeks) and we sat around talking and stuff. and i made grilled brie sandwiches with avacado.
then we went and met nick and alex at red room, then we went to nick's and smoked clove cigarettes and hung out. then nick, alisin, and i went and hung out at my house for many hours in my bed. talking and playing guitar as i gradually got sicker.
alisin gave me a really good face+head+should massage which felt so awesome.

nick was being very cute and taking care of me while i was sick. and he called to see how i was. which was good because what if i died in my apartment and no one would know...?

yesterday i spent a lot of time feeling sick and lying around. and got a job.

we still don't know our schedule for next semester but it's looking like we might be be getting any new teachers, just having our current teachers more often. especially michael. you can guess how enthused we all are about that.
what the fuck?

i'm getting excited for coming home, but it'll be harder after i don't have that to look forward to..

there's soooo many film+tv projects coming here this summer (for the first time in awhile) and it feels silly to be stuck in school.. just four more months, right? i should be able to stick it out.

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