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2005.04.19 11:07 a.m.

coughing fits in the computer lab suck. actually, i'm not fond of any of this coughing. i'm due to start my new job tomorrow and it seems as if everything in the universe is working against me.

what the eff universe??

i talked to neil about our schedules for next semester and it looks like i'll have no availability for evening shifts..which i really really need.
and it looks like we aren't getting any new teachers next semester, just losing viv and allan.
i'm more frustrated with all of school than i can even express.
it's looking more and more desirable to leave. as soon as possible. i can't even explain.

being sick and stressed out at the same time is a little much.
yesterday i went home and went directly to sleep, forgetting entirely that i had plans with chala..then i woke up for awhile at midnight and then slept again until six this morning. i still feel exhausted.

i have my final exam for my musical pioneers class tomorrow. and my make-up quiz.

michael is just getting worse. i think i'm going to type it all out, everything that's a problem with him. and then either get a bunch of people to sign it, or hand it in anonymously.

i don't know if i can stay in this computer lab long enough to do it though, i feel like i'm going to pass out whenever i cough..

yesterday was our last class with viv. everyone i love is leaving me.
i guess it'll just get me ready for life.

i wish i had something fun to talk about

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