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2005.04.15 12:17 p.m.

no one fed me strawberries and cool whip this morning. what the eff?

i'm wearing a fancy dress today. every time i wear something fancy it reminds me that i totally have no dignity. seriously, i am horrible at wearing anything nice with any sort of composure.
i have to wear shorts under any sort of puffy skirt because the temptation to pull it up or put people underneath it or stand on my head is just tooooo strong.

good times.

today was my last improv class apparantly. i wasn't expecting that. i'm sad and my headache has been back the last couple of days and i'm holding ridiculous amounts of stress in my face+head+jaw+neck+shoulders. and i sure don't know what that's about because i've always been pretty good about relaxing. until now.

i'm going to miss allan. luckily he's coming to our tea dance, which i'm about to head off to now..

the organ was so good. i like them a lot. and wooden stars seemed good but i wasn't paying attention really at all.
we didn't stay to see stars. i couldn't really tell you why. i was tired. they were taking too long to set up.
we really just went for the organ.

it was fun though.
and priscilla and i had a fun afternoon in general. well, in an obnoxious way. holy god do i like fries and gravy from utopia though. serious.
and p bought these sunglasses that are very hot and sexy and stylish. but she's scared of them.
too bad.
i wish i could pull off the giant sunglasses look but i have a small nose.
so small.

anyways, don't want to be late for the dance!

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