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2007.07.11 4:03 p.m.

I keep leaving this far, far too long. It's nearly impossible to give a round-up.

There's been a new /private entry up for a few days.

Things that have happened:

I had lunch last week with Adam Jones, who is terribly sweet and is producing a movie for me to star in. I'm pretty excited. We had pad thai and talked about boys and movies. He's already got a grant for this short and is applying for more.The more money, the better it's going to be. I really like the script, and I'm pretty excited to have play the character because she's pretty bizarre.

I had drinks with Chala at Kalendar. We had beer and wine and I ate pecan pie. Drew, Jo's friend who works there hooked us and up and gave us excellent service, including checking that the pie was lard-free. Drew is a cowboy who loves pirates... so you know he's good.
It's going to be really wild for me when Chala moves to Montreal (which she keeps insisting she is doing). I've never lived in Toronto without Chala. Chala is my family. Luckily she'll be still close-ish. And Charlotte will be living there. And Charlotte is a babe of my life, so I'll have to go visit.

Leslie got married. WTF? To her British boyfriend. I think they actually like each other, so this could get interesting. Talk about MCDA in lockdown. We just won't admit to our fans that one of our members in off the market. I went to the bachelor/bachelorette party in their backyard. I brought ice cream and I leant Leslie my 'bride to be' necklace.
So fucking weird.

Found out that I had to do a bra-and-panties scene for the TV show I got a part in. That same day had my heart stepped on a bit. Freaked out for awhile. Called my mum in hysterics.
So I went out and drank a lot. Pre-drank at SarahB's - she made me a delicious dinner which fortified. Then went to her show at Press Club. The Aussie she is touring around with played too. He was a babe, mostly because his music was also impressive. Niki and Mehta (in town and staying with her) came by but didn't come in, I went and drank in the street with them.
Went and met my text-messaging BFF, SeanC, for a beer.
SC and I have been talking via text messaging and emailing constantly but we don't really know each other in real life. I like that sort of thing. I think it's terribly funny. He is friends with David and co. from highschool but they aren't terribly close right now. I feel like he is too good at the internet not to find and read this. But, yes, we had a beer and talked in real life and I was surprised that we actually got along. Mostly on account of how we are very, very different people. For instance, I do not enjoy: -body-building -tanning -doing my hair for hours -going to fancy swimsuit fashion shows -being a lawyer. But we have other things in common and it was fun.

Miranda came back to town. I am pretty fond of Miranda and she'd been away in Spain for too long learning Spanish and stuff.

I worked all weekend. I pretty much hate working in the bar, but I pretty much love the people up there. So it works out. Friday was horrendously busy though and it just didn't feel worth it...

Saturday I hung out with Miranda at her house and drank gin and grapefruit juice. I like hanging out with people who live at their parents' house. Parents' houses are so weird. Their fridges are so full! Her BF and his cousin came over and then we all went down to the Drake to some hipster dance party night... except I didn't feel like going in and it was lined up to the extreme.
So I went and met SJ at Ronnie's for a pint instead. It was very nice. We caught up and talked about everything going on in our lives. We ended up talking about how we care about each other and about how it's nice that we're friends. Aw, etc.

Sunday John came to stay. And I was horrendously stressed out in anticipation of going to set the next day. I was not a good hostess at all. Terrible, actually.
Two giant Saskatoon bands were in town as well. So John and I went for dinner with Sophia and then Miranda met up with us and we all went to Sneaky Dee's. Sooo many Saskatoon people in one place. Sort of incredible. Just the bands (Maybe Smith and Carbon Dating Service) were 12 members total.
It was great to see Mairin and Alisin again, especially. Two of my very favourite girls. (Although since Mairin is head of staff for the Sask finance minister maybe I should call her a woman. And because she takes off her pants a lot.)
The bands were pretty amazing. I hadn't seen either in years and they'd gotten super good. Lots of dancing and lots of horn sections. Lots of spirit fingers and catchy choruses. Mairin pointed out the best chorus for me and her, from one of Maybe Smith's songs: I've thought my way out of happiness a million times but I have never thought my way into it
Fuckin yeah.

I have to write about my on set experiences. About shooting my first TV role! About how I'm a real actor and shit now! But I'm thinking I'll write it out proper and post it tomorrow, hopefully. There's too much to fit into this entry. And I'm not done processing yet.
Bottom line though, I loved it.

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