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2007.07.12 2:19 p.m.

So... set.
As a new actor, especially as an inexperienced, non-union one, it is lucky to get to be the star of something. Very fun. And for this episode of this TV show I got to be. Each episode of the show goes through the last 24 hours in a dead celebrity's life. They get interviews with real people they knew and get stock footage of the celebrity and inter-cut it with re-enactment footage the show itself makes. So I was part of the re-enactment, as Jim Morrison's girlfriend, Pam Courson.

It's an odd set right off the bat because they don't record sound for the re-enactment. The story is all told in the show with voice interviews and in narration, not in dialogue. Which makes sense because for the most part they don't know what was actually, technically said, so it would be a tough script to write.
Sets are usually insane about sound and you have to be blocks away before you're allowed to make any noise. So it was neat to be allowed to be around while they were shooting stuff I wasn't apart of. The director let me watch on the monitor here and there.

I loved having the hair & makeup girl follow me around. And wardrobe to keep track of me. I think I'm built to be a star, I like having my hair combed out and my powder touched up, people watching out to make sure I don't look like an idiot.

Monday was a pretty hellish day, if I'm being objective (which I'm not because I am excited to have filmed my first TV part!). It was a hot day, something like 41 with the humidity. The building we were in wasn't air-conditioned. We were shooting on the second floor in an apartment set with about 10 big lights and about 15 people coming in and out of the room. My hair was wet to my head and I was dripping sweat down my cleave. Very, very sexy. But mostly hot.
The director was ill, really ill for a bit in the afternoon and everything got behind. The crew and some of the other cast ended up having a 16 hour day. I had only a 12 hour day and I was exhausted. We did so, so many scenes. Pretty much all of my stuff was on day 1. Everything from dancing/making-out with Jim to finding him dead and flipping out.

It's also a treat, being so inexperienced, to get a part where I actually get to do stuff like scream and cry and dance about. Usually at this stage the roles I get to go out for don't have much to them.

On the down side, I was definitely in my underwear for pretty much the entire day. By the end of the day I had no modesty, and was just glad not to have to wear proper clothes in that intense heat. God damn that was intense heat.

Tuesday I got shuttled out to Hamilton and got there just in time for lunch. I got to hang out for awhile and then shoot some going-to-the movies scenes outside and inside of a theatre there. While we were shooting an exterior scene an old couple passed by me and the man looked at me and said "You really areshort!" I have no idea what he meant by that but it was awesome.

I loved the director. I liked the whole crew actually quite a lot, but the director was far and away my favourite. He was British and sarcastic and mocking and secretly sweet. Just my type of gent. We made fun of each other all day the second day, I kept asking him if he was going to barf more and he kept asking if I was going to act better. At one point I told the crew (in front of him) that he'd said I was too fat, then I imitated him talking about it in a British accent. It was very, very funny. I'm a very funny person.

We went out for a quick beer after the shoot and the director said something like "I should always have you around because then I'd always be laughing," and I said, "You wish!!!"

I was quite sad to leave everyone. And even sadder not to have a set to go to yesterday and not to have anyone to do my hair for me.

My call wasn't until 6 on Tuesday so I got to take Alisin out for her birthday brunch. We went to Aunties, Tamara and her friend were also brunching there. I went and sat with them after Alisin had to leave to go back on tour. Tam's friend was so funny and we made loads of jokes. If he lived here I would totally befriend him, because humour is the only important thing. Ever. And David was there with Hayden, not working for once. Hayden sure is a dreamboat rockstar.

I also had coffee with BFF David and talked about money and babes and other depressing things. I bought some one-dollar books from the local shop and made a really good haul. I found this poet, Bob Hicok, in this one anthology that I bought. He's amazing. He's my new favourite thing.

Yesterday I was sick and tired and de-stressing. Poor John was staying with me again and I was being quite a terror. Quite. I refused to leave the house except when I went and ate a giant ice cream and visited AlexPB at the chill.
We watched a lot of TV and several episodes of My So-Called Life. Everyone who comes to stay with me watches it. It's like required or something.

Today we had brunch with Niki and then John set off on his long trek home.

I am computing and trying to take poetry seriously and edit things. I am trying to not be in pain and trying not to be depressive about being done this TV part and having nothing to look forward to ever.

I'm so glad it went well though.. sort of validates my whole life.

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