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2004.11.10 11:59 a.m.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i'm so tired.

first business:
you should read megan's diary from today. because it's about how much she loves me and that i'm her favorite cousin. kind of.
alison, my aunt, i got the tape in the mail today! thank you! now you're my favorite aunt (step up deb). also, i think you should make me a mixtape. how's that for fun?
good then.

yesterday felt like it was two days long. it probably was.

work was pretty fun. pretty slow until the end as i was trying to close up. seriously though, it's like as soon as i disassemble the juicers someone will come and order one. without fail. it's ridiculous.
i tried to make hillary help me with my stand-up comedy routine..but we really didn't make any progress. i probably shouldn't tell anyone anything about my routine. ever.
oh my god! me and hills saw the best thong bottom ever yesterday!!!!!!!!!! holy god. this girl's pants were half way off her bum. hills wanted to take a picture but that isn't a nice thing to do. but it was hard to help customers because i just wanted to giggle a lot.
hillary on seeing my wedding ring for the first time "wow, you should have specified diamond."

i came home and watched corner gas and degrassi. mmm tv.
yeah, i shouldn't have watched degrassi. i then spent a good half hour in hysterics. i actually shouldn't watch anything on mental illness at all ever. oh fuck, and it was terrible because they wrapped it up oh-so neatly in the end. before that it was bordering on realistic (which was more painful..but still better)...but just that everything (a giant chemical imbalance) would be fixed up in that half hour. motherfucking cocksucking. this is why i hate tv. if you're going to steal my plotlines (lifestories) then at least do them properly.

then i went to meet niki and willrobbins at the university. because it was niki's birthday!!!! the big 2-2. so i gave her the old one-two the old in-and-out. and joel was there and john came over from the sheaf office to say hello. (he says my letter's in the this week's paper [out today] so you should pick it up and have a look-see.) (i used brackets inside of brackets..that's for you husband.) and then there was some other people hanging about and we all hung about and humped a bit (i wish). (i'm surrounded by a moron!)

then will, niki, joel, and i went to the yard for drinks. which was quite fun. i'm actually pretty satisfied to sit listening to will and niki discuss things. i'm not smart enough to, actually, i just don't use enough big words. ostensibly. i was pretty tired and my head pounded from crying so hard. and will was sick he said and had a headache and i felt bad for making him come out when he should clearly have been sleeping/doing his damn school work.

then we went to will's but will went to give steve a ride home. that was pretty funny. that he trusted me with his keys for one, and with his house + room + posessions for two. yeah, i sure snooped around. he had gone and bought some porn specifically to hide in his room for me to find! what a good husband. i think that everyone should put effort into making my life more interesting. yeah..i didn't find it..and i didn't even really look in anything i shouldn't have been. and i also just got into bed. man do i like other people's beds.
but eventually he came home and i made him tell me where it was. it was a pamela anderson playboy collection. ew! but then we all looked through it and analysed her transformation over the years.. on of her goals when she was quite young was to win an oscar. that's kind of sad. the whole thing was a little depressing.
we also looked at will's yearbooks from when he was little. how silly! and i read parts of his books and sat around in bed (mmm bed parties) making obnoxious jokes.

i don't know if you know about the rules but my main rule, which applies only to others' actions toward me is: NO PATTING NO POKING NO PINCHING NO PETTING...and so on. (i'm considering adding peeling and porking. that is the way the pork. anway most inappropriate willrobbins quote to post on a place that the family will read:
"if i'm not allowed to poke you, how are we going to do it?"
or something like that.

anyway. we just stayed. and stayed. and i snuggled down into the bed more. and it got to be really late and joel left. and we didn't. but so it was niki and me (in the middle) and will in the bed. bundling. and we just kept laughing and will and niki kept arguing. and i kept secretly grinning to myself because i like those two so much. and they kept sharing parental moments (???) over me. (ew i came right out of there). and yeah..gradually will started turning off the lights (he's smooth like that) and we just stayed. three in a bed (which is good and also bad for shifting). i liked it because i got to be in the middle and because the bed was so small they had to cuddle me. which is my life's goal. and i said that and they both cuddled me close and it was soooo funny and cute. we ended up sleeping there. and i like being spooned and am very demanding about my cuddling... so we slept there and then we got up this morning but will just kicked us out so that he could actually sleep. finally.
wow, i feel really bad that will didn't get any sleep really and skipped his first class and had a headache and didn't get any work done. hahah we're such jerks.

but will's offically our new best friend and we'll take him everywhere.

i really wish john had come out at least for a bit. we kept referencing him all night so that was pretty funny. "i'll slam you before i slam this" quote john shelling. and we've decided to start referencing webpages. "jenna's not a ho" and so on.
too funny.

i hope niki had a happy birthday.
i did.

i wish fraser would call me every five minutes. or at least once today.

i think i might actually be scratching up my arms in my sleep. i could swear i have more this morning. or it was niki and will last night.
well..niki did try to suffacate me this morning. so randomly too.. without even breaking off her sentence.

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