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2007.10.09 8:49 a.m.

I don't know how days slip by without updates. I swear I updated more recently.

I'm having pie for breakfast. Right now I'm having vegetable pot pie and then I'm going to follow it up with apple pie. Yes. Happy Thanksgiving to me.

I normally am not enthused with Thanksgiving. At all. But I got really sad on Sunday when I realised that I didn't have any dinner to go to or any family to give thanks with. So I decided to have a last minute dinner at my house on Monday.
Niki and Miranda and Owen and Jack came over. I (with Niki's help) made the pies and a giant salad (with roast corn and cabbage and beans and lots and lots of other veges). I liked it a lot. Which is the only thing that matters really. It was a nice and quick meal. Just a lot of eating and then we went and sat in the park for awhile. And then everyone went home.

It should not have been 39 degrees yesterday. Especially since I had the bloody oven on all damn day. I had the airconditioning on and we were all still sweating at dinner. So bizarre. It's October. It looks better today. Only about 15 degrees. But I wish it wouldn't rain since I have to go ride my bike.

I have an audition this morning in which I have to rap. I do not know what is wrong with me. I don't know why I would've submitted myself for this, which I did. I must have been drunk. Anyway. I have to rap. To Everyday People. That is not an easy song to rap. I hope they let me do my own thing, I'll totally give them a taste of Dance Attack.

Worked a bit this weekend. At Skydome and at ACC. I'm getting used to getting shifts at ACC, and I hope that I keep getting them... I still need another couple jobs probably. But ACC is a good base. It would be wonderful if they would tell me when I'm working more than four days in advance. Especially when they want me to keep all the dates open.

I went out with SarahB on Saturday. We ended up at Teatro to visit SarahJane and to get babes. And we met two of the prettiest babes we'd seen in awhile. We chatted them up and then went with them to play the baby grand piano at the one babe's house. SarahB may have gotten a new boyfriend out of it. Time will tell. I'm jealous, of course.
We ran into Dana and Leslie on our way to the babe's house and stopped to see them. I never see Leslie anymore. It was odd to see Dana since we're in a fight still. But we ignored it. I tried to be very polite to her friends. Don't want to be seen as rude.

I do like Patrick Watson. Some of his music sounds like ghost stories and also like Christmastime.

The Big Chill is now closed for the season. I've got the melting ice cream remains in my (under-active) freezer to prove it.

My MTV commercial is on the air. I know because a lot of people have seen it and on Facebook I'm being contacted by people I haven't thought about in years. I want to see it. So badly. I had a dream in which they had found all this footage of me as an ugly teenager (which I never ever was, JFYI) and used that instead of the cute footage we shot.
I hope that happened.

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