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2006.01.22 10:14 a.m.

Why is life always more fun when I'm doing stuff I shouldn't? You know, like not having a job and stuff.
Well, except that I'm only up this early because I'm on my way to skydome. But it's not like that's a real job.

I really just want to go back to sleep.
Started watching Rebel Without a Cause last night. I was surprised at how drawn in by it I was. So I taped the rest of it.

Saturday Night Live was also pretty good last night. Maybe on account of Peter Saarsgaard being host. I think he's a super babe. Just something about him. Maybe the creepiness factor. Also his voice.
Omg the "Young Chuck Norris" short was pretty sweet. Well, anything with Chuck Norris is sweet. Also the last sketch about the hotel tv was really great. I loved how it all fell apart and nothing worked properly and things broke.
Why is it way more funny when something goes wrong/someone corpses?

I keep having dreams of moving.

Yesterday I went to be an extra on this short film shoot. It was pretty neat actually. There were just three of us extras, except that they worked with us all individually, so we weren't really extras at all, more SOC or actors, and I'm putting it on my resume as such. The people were all really, really nice. It's a project the director wants to put in festivals and things, so you never know who could see it. They filmed us in front of a green screen, so I'd be very interested in seeing the finished result.

I have to say, I do get a little tired of talking about what I do and where I went to school and where I want to go. It gets repetitive. And I think I get a little defensive... which is funny because I'm actually doing fine.

From there I went to skydome to work the monster truck rallies. I'd never seen monster trucks before, so I went and had a look. I didn't like it. The little guys on their bikes just looked as if they would fall and die at any second. And the trucks were too big.

Work was okay, pretty slow at first but it got okay busy. And we made good money, so I feel slightly less stressed out. Actually, I don't at all, but I wish I did.
I like the skydome because it's pretty independent. There's definitely things that irritate me pretty badly about it.. but overall it's just pretty straightforward and simple.
Which is good since I have to go back right now.

Get to thinking about what kind of job I should get. And then get it for me.

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