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2006.01.21 11:13 a.m.

I wish I had more banana bread.
I can't stop eating.

I'm in the worst mood this morning. And it seems ridiculous that everything goes wrong when I'm in a bad mood. I'm probably creating it with my negative energy.

Well, it's snowing today. That seems a little more normal. Though apparently it will turn to freezing rain this afternoon.

I got the official phone call last night, confirming that I got the small part in that student film. Sooo, that's good. It will give me something to do. I've never shot a student film. Or anything where I've been properly auditioned and cast really. I'm playing a nerd girl that the main nerd guy falls in love with at the end. So I'm most important.
We're filming in February. That'll be neat.

Yesterday, when I said I was on my way to out to Aunties with P and Ali, and I said about how I had to go look pretty, that was a good idea.
Because Hayden was there.
Sweet babe of my life.
We went in and Ali was all "ooh, maybe we can get the table by How ieBeck" and I was all "Yeah, HowieBe ck, cool" but then I saw who he was with. Swoon. Ali wouldn't let me talk to him though, and that's probably for the best. Because I'll probably see him like all the time and I'll probably get introduced at some point and I don't want it to all awkward and stuff.
Uh huh.
Aaaand David (who's like bffs with Hayden, and is recording his album with Howie) might move into Hayden's Toronto house. Because Hayden mostly lives in the country now and never uses this house, but he has a studio and stuff there.
And then Hayden hugged David. Sigh. What a scruffy tattery dreamboat.

I was thinking about it and I think that I would make a super-fun gay boy. I think I'd be good at it.

Supposedly I had plans with Katrina last night. But she mostly forgot. And then it was pretty late and I didn't feel like trekking across town to see her. And one of my New Year's resolutions (yeah right, I totally didn't make any) was to put less effort into unrewarding friendships. And Katrina cancels at least 2 out of 3 times that we're supposed to hang out. Actually, I'd say it's more than that. Point being, I'm tired of always putting in the effort.
I like her, but I'm also bored of this pattern now.

I've watched both Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Mean Girls in the past couple of days thanks to Priscilla. And they were both really good. I cried through most of Sisterhood. And I expected Mean Girls to be good, and I wasn't disappointed.
I love Amy Poehler. And I thought Tim Meadows was especially good.

Today I think I'm going to go be an extra in this weird political film about Canada/Philipines. Yeah, maybe it'll be interesting. And I get to dress up like a secretary.
Background work is good because I get to dress up and then not do much.

First shift of the year at Skydome tonight, monstertruck rally. Haha. Hopefully people who like monstertrucks also like beer.
It seems unlikely.

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