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2006.01.23 9:19 a.m.

The thing is that if I did have money I bet I could find some pretty neat stuff to do with it.

Oh god I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I still managed to delay it by a good hour. Sleeping is the best thing.

I worked yesterday. And made very, very little money. I think I was near the family section, ie, no alcohol. That kind of blew. Ali and I were a pumps away from each other and she did $2500 in sales and I did $500. That's extreme. She should have pointed some of them towards me.
It was okay though because I like working by myself and I did some writing and some list-making.
It was still boring, mind you, but also fine.

Somehow the NDP got ahold of my phone number. How did that happen? I mean, I thought they thought I lived in Saskatoon. And it's not like cellphones are listed anywhere. They're good, getting ahold and me and convincing me to try to vote. Fine Olivia Chow. Although it all seems a little overly-hopeless at this point.
Apparantly this weekend was the busiest for gay marriages. Nothing like a good scare into marriage.

Speaking of. I watched part of this documentary on polyamory last night. It was pretty intense. First of all, all polyamorous people look like aging hippies. Even if they're 20.
But most importantly - virtually no one had a lot of fun. And it was a polyamorous woman who made the doc, it wasn't supposed to be biased.
Everyone seemed to spend a lot of time crying/fighting or just being overly-depressed. It was depressing just to watch. It looked very, very hard.
In fact one of the women killed herself. Her marriage was falling apart and she was depressed and stuff. It was hard on the woman making the doc because she kind of hated the deadwoman, and was in love with her husband.

It seemed a little too complex to me.

Grey's Anatomy was good though. And also sad. It's too bad it wasn't easier to choose to love or not to love someone.
Though I know some people who do think it's that easy.

I have things to do today. Although some of it involves shopping for me. With gift certificates of course.
And I might think about job search. But job search isn't sooo hot right now.

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