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2005.11.21 8:28 a.m.

the weathernetwork tells me that it might snow here in time for my christmas party. and that might be really nice.

i haven't told them that i'm quitting (leaving for a bit) at work. i guess i should do that today. oh funsies.
i'm in the top tier at work. that means i'm the best. how proud am i?

i filled on an online application to work at old navy. it was so, so bizarre. it was just this series of questions of how much stuff i'd stolen in my life. there really wasn't any place to put in past employers, work history, skills, ANYTHING. so weird.
it was basically like a personality test. i'd like to see the results of my personality test.
maybe i just failed the personality test segment and then got booted out of the system so i didn't get to put in that information.
that'd be funny.

too much stuff to get done and i'd rather not.

grey's anatomy is so good. i love george. and i love burke and everyone.
i wish i had 3-d glasses to fully enjoy medium tonight.

yesterday was my last shift of the season at skydome (supposedly). and it was intensely busy and i was in a really good mood. and i made probably $200 in tips. i'm not sure of the exact amount because the effing management installed this bizarre system of locking the tip boxes until the end of the night and then making us take all the change home. well, my purse has never been heavier.
it was a bad idea on so many levels. i'm not even sure what the point was.
they're re-thinking it though. obviously.

katrina and i went for sushi and talked about boys and jobs and stuff. it was nice.
and she says she's coming to my christmas party. oh party all the time.
if you think i'm not doing force-carolling, you are so wrong.

i'd still like some drama before i come home. spice things up.

who puts all their eggs in one basket!

why are christmas mugs all so tacky?

priscilla is a bad friend because she doesn't call me when she says she will.

i still haven't seen the new charlie and the chocolate factory. maybe john wants to watch it with me. john is so, so funny.
"what do you want to do with me?" and "i have responsibilities now!"

things i need to do before going home.
- see everyone.
- go to aunties and uncles
- buy more presents.
- get a saskatoon job (if you know of anywhere that's hiring, tell me).
- pack.
- leave my apartment in a state i'd like to return to.
- party all the time.

my brother has decided to become my new best friend i think. this will be interesting. he says he's making dinner when i come home. i told him to make brownies. ohhhh gosh do i have a sweet brownie recipie (how do you even spell that?).
i should get an oven.

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