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2005.11.20 10:27 a.m.

'i feel like i'm going to kiss you under the mistletoe'
-hanson (why are they so, so deep?)

i guess i really should have started on a christmas dress a lot earlier. well, i did start it. and then i abandoned it. and now it's not done. oh sigh.

not feeling in the christmas spirit yet? you should really just hang out with me a bit.
it's getting insane (fun).

i went shopping yesterday! it was pretty fun. except that it got really cold and windy out. and i wasn't dressed properly (quelle surprise).

i went mostly to chinatown and a bit through kensington. i do like it you know. it's so intense and strange. and it was so crowed and busy and shoving and where do all of these people come from?

yeah, i mostly bought me presents. whatevs.
mostly just a pair of boots. and they were only $10.
and they're really, really, really funny.
wow, why did i buy them? oh no, to laugh i guess.
well, they look kind of like rubber boots, but made of fake leather. pink. and with stilletto heels and some decorative stiching. yeah. well. hah.

i dropped my phone into some dirty, dirty water yesterday. oh how smart i am!
so far it seems okay. we'll see i guess.

i don't know what kind of food to make/get for my party on thursday. especially with no oven.
i think i'm going to bake when get home. or make my mum bake.

i was thinking about making a christmas background (sans ghosts), dressing in a christmas outfit and then going to a photobooth in a mall and doing my christmas pictures there.
just set it all up and do a few strips.

it's too bad my family+friends don't like tacky, ugly things cause i could sure have gotten them good presents in chinatown.
yeah, especially ugly fans. wow were there some ugly fans.

i've actually gotten some shopping done though. that's exciting. i'm trying to keep it small scale this year..seeing as i actually have no money.

oh how exciting though, admit it.

i fear it will all go way, way too fast.
though markins idechris told me he'd invented a time machine and this was him from the future and he was very experienced.
i guess i could just get help from him.
what a dreamboat.

i talked to melissa last night. she's on her way to the philippines today. that'll be good for her.

okay time to bathe

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