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2005.11.23 7:23 a.m.

okay i have recently reverted back to my highschool ways of not being able to get out of bed. i'm not sure what this is all about.

on monday i got up, updated this thing got dressed like normal and everything and went to work. it seemed strange that the bus + subway were quieter than usual.
i got to work and everyone was already there and i reallylooked at a clock for the first time that morning (although i'd looked at several along my way) and realized it was exactly one hour later than i thought it was. how bizarre. good work body.

then monday night i was obsessed with setting my alarm clock properly so i set it really early but then it turned out i set it for pm instead. shit. then i overslept by two hours and was 1.5 hours late for work. holy crap that's dumb.

good thing my job is pretty lax. although they count being late and not showing up at all as being the same thing.

and i'm still good at it so they wouldn't fire me.

i talked to my boss and she said it's fine that i'm leaving for a month. that's good. and i'll be able to book my shift for when i come back over the interweb.

i bought a cd burner. i went to a lot of trouble to find out what firewire was and find out if i had it and so on and then it turned out that the one i got just attached by usb and also the software that came with it doesn't work on here!!!! oh fun! oh joy! i have to talk to nathanael, maybe he'll help me. i really wanted a cd burner. luckily it's refundable if i can't get it to work.

i think i've got the creditors off my back.

i'm thinking about going to work on time today. there's no work for us on thursday and friday (because of us thanksgiving) so i have to have those days off. sucks for money, but it good fun for me.
especially since the house is a disaster and i'm supposedly having a bunch of people in it.

i got a super short email address account with, i don't know if it's actually a good account or not, but how fun the shortness is.

one bank i phoned yesterday had a slogan on their hold music which was 'where even santa comes to borrow money'.

my teachers christina and david are in the pot of gold commercial with the guy with the webcam, and when it comes on i laugh.
i can't wait til this season of instant star. that will be too funny.

someone's been searching for 'geordie' specifically on here. and it's not him. and now i asked and now he wants to know where it is. too bad. but who is it?

from today til tomorrow they're expecting 5-10 cm of snow here! mmm snow.

wow, house was so, so good. you know it. cameron and chase sleeping together, that was unexpected. and how mad stacy got. oh yeah. house deserved that.

okay, so i really haven't been doing much at all except watching tv. whatevs. oh my god. oh my god it's LESS than a week until i come home.
but what good is it if there's no niki? and everybody has bfs and gfs and i hate those people.

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