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2006.01.19 1:24 p.m.

yeah. i pretty much just got up.
that's pretty hot. i woke up at nine, but then i decided that i should sleep a lot more. so i did.

killary, you're going to have to give me the password. and also turn on your notes.

so i got all the mess from the other day figured out i think. the bg agency woman thought she'd changed her message to say that the office would be close due to freezing rain (but she didn't). and it turned out i effed up the date of the audition for the serialized drama thing.
way to go me.

so i met with the bg agency and gave them a bunch of money.. so hopefully they get me some work and it's fun and there's lots of food there. because i like to eat!

and i get to go audition for that other business we'll see i guess. we will see.
with our eyes.

i met ali for coffee and we had a nice little chat about everything. i like it when i miss people and then get to see them again.
ali and i are in very similar boats these days. except that she's living for free in her dad's basement.
but we were talking about things we could do to make money and about auditons and plays we can make.
it's good to have someone to commiserate with.

we went to callbacks for the humber student film. so i think i got a part in it. a very, very small part. but whatevs, it's still something. i'd be happy to be doing anything at this point.
holy geez.

soooo. yeah.
it'd be bad if i went back to bed, hey?

why is there no food in the house?

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