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2006.01.18 12:17 p.m.

it's snowing a bit. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. i'd way rather it be snowy and cold-ish than rainy and cold-ish. being wet and cold makes everything way worse.

for some reason i'm still in an okay mood, despite things that are trying to get me down.

yesterday i spent the day going to meetings that didn't exist apparantly. i went to meet with the background agency and the woman just didn't show up. nice.
then i went to that audition last night (and spent the day working on my monologues) and they just weren't there. nice.
so i don't know what was up with yesterday or if this is a sign i shouldn't talk about things i'm going to do on diaryland because they never happen then.
or if it's a sign that i shouldn't sign up with a bg agency. or do theatre.

i spent eight dollars on transit (which i couldn't afford) and was cold and wet the entire day.
but i didn't cry or buy myself things to make me feel better. though boosterjuice was pretty tempting.

but i tea have a nice tea with chala. and she gave me a hot hot string of pearls. man they're so nice, like you don't even know. they spend a lot of time in my mouth. they're slightly different colours and heavy and i like the imperfections most of all. i like to press my fingers against them and pretend i'm molding them.

so apparantly dwain's getting paid fifty thousand dollars for his five weeks of shooting this big movie.
i'm not jealous if that's what you're thinking.

i can't believe house was a rerun.
and rory's totally going to take logan back. which i'm actually okay with. cause i secretly kind of like him.

time to get at 'er.
not technically.

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