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2007.01.14 2:47 p.m.

Computer, computer,
you are my manifest destiny.

I'm playing "how many programs can I have open at once before something gets wrecked". It's kind of fun.

I've introduced myself to the world of torrents. Turns out that my internet connection is my worst enemy. I wonder if I will ever hate a company as much as I hate Bell Canada.
I hate them. I hate hate hate them.

So. Toronto.
Getting back it was six degrees above. The grass is green.

My hyacinth bloomed while I was away. Not a great lot of flowers, but still. Given my extreme blind spot for flowers I was very impressed with myself for noticing at all.
And just now I've noticed there are two more stalks with buds on them! It turns out I have an incredible green thumb. Who knew?

The last couple of days in Saskatoon were nice. Too nice.

I got to have lunch with Alisin. We went to Cafe Sola (I think that's what it's called at least). It was pretty in there. All windows. The kind of space I'd like to have for a photography studio sometime. The food was really good. Small portions but also well-priced. My favourite was the scone with lemon-creamcheese filling.
Alisin seems to be doing well. Looking as beautiful as ever, and I'm happy that she's doing things that are good for her.

Went to a pretty fun Sheaf beer night on Saturday. John made me dinner beforehand and we had a nice visit. I also abused his photobooth program on his iMac. mmm mac.
I like John a whole lot. I wish he weren't so insistent on moving away forever. Except he mentioned that his two-year plan could involve moving to Toronto for six months. I think I'd really like that.

Sunday I had lunch with Hillary and Mairin at Las Palapas. It was really really good. Those two are very very funny. I had roti and a strawberry margarita and we had the chocolate fondue.. I wish I were eating all that right now.

And I had family dinner. With three kinds of pie. Cheese and onion, apple, and peach. Mmm pie.
Besides Ethan barfing a bit, it was pretty nice. Lots of discussions on awkward things to say during sex. It was concluded that quoting any of the Canadian Heritage Moments would be awkward. ("Doctor.. I smell burnt toast!" etc etc etc)
I got to see Megan's fancy newly-renovated bathroom. It was really nice. I don't know why they just don't spend all their time in there.

Monday I spent a lot of time pretending I wasn't leaving. I did a bit of errands and I watched Heroes.
I had lunch with my mum at Las Palapas. It was good again. It was nice of me to make time to sit with my little mother.

In the evening Stevedave and Chrix came over and we hung out and drank tea. I avoided packing until the very early morning.

I packed very badly and got very little sleep. I was grumpy and on the verge of breakdown. I made it home though. With few tears. Until I got here, of course. Then I lost it for a bit. But I've been able to pretty much shut down all week. So... good work me.

I've gotten to see a lot of people I love. Which has been really great.
Niki brought me food the first night and we watched TV. Which I had been looking forward to.
Had brunch with David and Tam and Simon on Wednesday. Aunties was happy to see me I'm sure. I had soup. Went and saw Tam's new house. David and Paul have moved in there and SarahBurton will too in a bit. It's very nice.

Went to the Entire Cities show that night. It was a really, really good set. Hung out a lot with Niki and SarahB. Even Nick and Martha and Tyler and my celebrity crush Morgan Waters were there. We danced a bit.. then I felt tired.

I've done enough catching up. This entry is too long already. I'll just post it and then hopefully catch up more in the near future...

I'm eating a lot of tiny candy canes and wearing candy cane pajamas.
Since getting back to Toronto I crave sugar like you wouldn't believe. It's really kind of wild considering how little interest I had in eating back home. I guess sugar is a mood replacement. Chocolate mimics the feeling of being in love. Or maybe being in love mimics eating chocolate. It's hard to tell.
I seriously cannot stop eating.
Which is a problem since there's no food in this house.
And the fridge is fucked again so I don't feel like buying things to put in there. I need to fix that. Soon.

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