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2004.12.11 7:54 a.m.

wow i'm already too bored of working. especially on days like today. when i have to work both and it spans twelve hours. boooooooooooooooo.

i think i'll start posting my hours. so that you know when to find me where. today:
9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the body shop (centre at circle and 8th) (why the hell am i working such a bizarre three hour morning shift?)
1:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at booster juice (lawson mall).

could i party any harder?

work yesterday was fun. it was moonlight madness at lawson..but i didn't really get in on any of that action as i left at six thirty. but it was fun because there were lots of us on. especially when it was me and ashley and jaris because it was slow and jaris and i started dancing to all this crazy shit music. and i like being around jaris because i start to pick up her speech patterns and i'm learning how to be a character that would get along really well with's pretty neat.
we were dancing to nkotb and britney's christmas stuff. as well as some classics such as santa baby and rockin around the christmas tree. we were going to come up with a dance routine but well..we don't get around to things like that.

there were some punk boys in the food court. but i don't think they were good punks.
it made me miss peter. oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh peter! peter! peeeeeeeettttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!
fine. you weren't there.
ali, erica, and i were all in love with this punk boy at our school who wore kilts + bunnyhugs + army boots + long johns. and who had an ever-changing mohawk.
we decided his name was peter. and whenever he was in the vacinity we'd all start yelling and moaning and other irritating things. it was really really fun. oh i hope peter's there again this year.
describing peter to jaris and ashley yesterday was really funny because they didn't think he sounded hot at all.

today should be good as well because there'll be so many of us and i'll work with the new girl (who i bet appreciates kilts and longjohns) and hopefully party party. saturdays are good because they go by so quick.

it'll also be fine (boring) at the b.s. because it's for such a short amount of time. hopefully i'll work with someone interesting..

i spent most of yesterday evening with my mum. that was pretty fun. i don't really know what either one of us will do when i leave.
we talked for a long long time.

and i worked on my christmas cards. it really seems like i'd be done by now. but i'm not! i really like one i made. and i got some sweet ideas for others. we'll see how that goes.

mmm crafts.

i also downloaded a bunch of christmas music. bright eyes' 'blue christmas' + 'have yourself a merry little christmas' and eartha kitt's 'santa baby' and weezer's christmas song and some charlie brown and the carol of the bells and so on.
it's a christmas party inside my computer!

niki's mum called me at 11.15 or so to see if i knew where niki was. i did because niki had just called me. and also emailed her location. how handy. she was busy writing papers and studying. which she's been doing for days. and not sleeping. at all it seems. kind of ridiculous.
i like niki's mum a whole lot. we discussed how crazy niki is and how she was probably just eating junk food. so her mum went and brought her food. good plan.
well i hope niki's final goes okay today and then she sleeps. a lot.

i talked to priscilla a lot on the phone last night as well. she seems like she's having fun. she bought chris a drum set. i think you only really need guitar and drums for a rocknroll band.
wow i need to learn how to play bass. i guess i'll need a bass first.

oh and katrina emailed me and she and nathanael are definitely moving to trinity bellwoods! that's so fucking hotttttttt! and we can party all night.
awwww things to look forward to.

i'm really excited about having a second christmas when i go home too. double christmas = hot shit.

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