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2004.12.12 10:17 a.m.

Have a funky Funky Christmas and a funky new year, I swear we got ourselves a party here
Girls on the floor knows our posse at the door
Should I stop - nah cool - here's more of this song, a funky Christmas melody
'cause Jordan K feels so Christmasy
Throw your hands in the air pause, kick the ballistics Santa Claus
(yeah nkotb)

there's a damn tooth mark on my arm from my cat. not a set of teeth marks, just a tooth mark. what a weirdo. it kind of hurts.

schedule of today: booster juice noon until 4. (only four hours today muthafuckas)

yesterday felt at least three days long i'd say.
but it really wasn't all bad (i'm so glad).

i did work at b.s. yesterday for three hours in the morning. and it went by really quickly. mostly because of this woman who wanted gift baskets done up. two of them for about $100 each. and she really wasn't fussy about what to put in them and left it mostly up to me. that's hot. so me and bryna spent the morning doing that. i love picking out nice products and i really like arranging things. and wrapping things. wrapping is my #1 favorite job. and virtually the only reason why i thought working at the body shop again would be fun.
i like bryna (pronounced breena) a lot. i have co-workers that i look forward to seeing these days. i just really like her mannerisms and talking with her.

then i got some mall food (mmm taco time) and drove over to the other mall. i worked at b.j. for the rest of the day. and it was really fine. the end i was fairly worn out..but that was to be expected.

but i like new chelsey, she seems really nice. i hope she makes a good worker for hillary. and that they get along, because they'll have to work together all the time.

yeah, actually, i like all the b.j. girls a lot. they all amuse me pretty good.
i spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon with a crossword i'd stolen from hillary so that i could finish it without her getting to do all the easy bits.
and i also spent a time yelling at people. my co-workers i mean. i bet new chelsey thinks i'm so irritating.
i'd never worked with karalee before, and she's pretty awesome. she cared that they played feist on the o.c. and then we talked a lot about musics... mmmm musics.

in order to excite myself about going back to i just looked at nowmagazine online. but it just made me sad i wasn't there this week. so many good shows.
but bright eyes is coming. that might be worthwhile. and the four tops...what?

anyway. i worked for too long. and then the cashout was messed up and i don't even know what was wrong. and i might have kind of broken the orange juicer. fuck.
but we did eventually get out of there.

and i got home and was supposed to see fraser but mostly i just wanted to go to bed. and i didn't feel like seeing many people..even though in the past few days that's all i've wanted. well, it never works out properly i guess.

i talked to willrobbins on the phone for too long. i think i've spent more time with him on the phone than in real life. that's an oddity.
for both of us i'd bet.

and then i went to sleep. actually i did a bunch of emailing. which was weird since i'm a pretty bad emailer.
but bed felt really really nice.
and cfcr was playing instrumental christmas music and people were talking in a language i didn't recognize and that was really nice to wake up to this morning.

we still haven't got our chirtmas tree. that saddens me. maybe i can talk my families into doing that today. oh little christmas. so fast approaching.

my diet only consists of smoothies. and really that's all i want right now. going back to t.o. is going to put me in dietary shock.

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