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2004.12.10 9:50 a.m.

did anyone else find it odd that they played feist on the o.c. last night? i liked it. that show actually does have good music. it's sad that people will buy these artists after just hearing them on the o.c. though. apparantly the killers sold ridiculous amounts of albums last week after they were on the show.

i need bright eyes's blue christmas.
actually i need all the christmas music of artists that i like. that'd be hot. i'm not sure why i haven't collected all that before.

it's getting close. mmm birthday christmas. 14 days till my birthday. killary keeps asking what i'm going to do for it..but i really don't know. nothing? a giant bed party? it sucks that i can never really go out drinking on my birthday. it's been awhile since i was ridiculously trashed. damn almost knowing my limits.

you know about that family that died in a house fire the other night? well..i find it in terrible taste that 650 ckom is using it to advertise for their radio station. 'first on the scene' 'breaking news as it happens' and so on. that's sick.

work was good yesterday. i worked a short shift again. and went shopping again. i guess it is handy working in the mall, for getting my chirstmas shopping done. not that it's anywhere near done mind you.
i've got a few presents but really i just can't stop buying little things.

i got home and was in an excellent mood and cleaned a bit and organized a bit and made plans on how to spend my evening, crafts and cards and presents and the like. but then i just fell out of happy. i don't really know how. i grew bored of organizing my christmas presents and watched tv instead. i even watched 'joey'. what the hell?
i watched tv until fraser called much later. then i talked to him for three hours. which was really nice. i haven't seen him in awhile. at least a week..which is pretty lame. we talked about things that didn't really help my slump though. and then i sure didn't feel like doing anything else after that.

i had to get up early this morning to do the dishes because i just didn't want to do them last night. i find it impossible to do things in certain moods.

it's getting ridiculous that i don't see people.

i work again today. because the party never stops. a full day though. hopefully it'll be busy because i need something to keep me occupied. or i'll have to make up a cheer. i haven't practised being a cheerleader in a long time. that used to be a big passtime for me at jerry's. oohh, but we'll get a new crossword today.

i haven't talked to/emailed erica once since i've been home. that's actually kind of weird. i should try calling her again. i really haven't talked to any torontos lately.
it's going to be such a shock going back.
it's hard to be excited when i'm busy being sad.

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