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2007.11.02 4:32 p.m.

Guess who was on Access Hollywood? THIS GUY.
I think I've been going on about this way too often lately but I'm very excited about it. Very. Still.
And you know what this means: I still know how to get excited. It's still something I have in my repertoire. I'm glad.
Anyway, it was a feature on the Final 24 episode I'm in, a bunch of people saw it and told me about it. Then my mum found it on the internet. My mum is really quite obsessed with me. Quelle surprise.
Right now the link is here. But it keeps on changing. But if you go there and it's not the right video just search Final 24 Jim Morrison.

I can only assume that Jonathan Taylor Thomas saw it and is now in love with me, as I am with him.

Of course.

My voice-over audition was fun yesterday. But I didn't do enough warm-ups at home because I was so concerned with getting everything ready to go to set. So I was tripping over my words a bit. But I still love voice work and still want to do a voice for a series very soon.

Shooting the PSA was neat. On my way there I saw all these big trucks and things and I thought "aww they're shooting a movie" but then it turned out to be my set!
It was a good shoot. Running more than on time and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Being the star of stuff is way, way more fun than being background. Everyone dotes on me and that's my favourite. And I love having my hair and make-up done. It all feels like a treat and not like work.
It'll be strange when I start getting harder jobs and it feels more like proper working. I'm still looking forward to it.
Apparently CTV bought all of Chum's stations except CityTV which was bought by Rogers. How complex is that?
But, so, this PSA is made by CTV so there's a lot of stations it might be on. We'll see!

After shooting I went and got a new cellphone. I hate cellphones. And the salesman was no good. At all. I finally picked a super cheap one. WHATEVER. It still cost me too much and it's still stupid, but I'm banking on the fact I'm going to be rich very soon and therefore be able to get a new, better one.

Had dinner with Sophia, who I never see anymore. She working allll the time and has a boyfriend. I miss the springtime when I was one of her only friends and she'd bother me to hang out. Sigh.

Went to Nick's show with Miranda. It was so good. I think I'm always a little bit surprised at how good it is. I definitely like Nick's solo stuff even more than I like Sweet Thing these days. And I said hi to the boys but we didn't stay for the other acts. Miranda had a school pub night to go to (it seems like she does more partying for law school than work) and I went by our dance party night.
SarahJane has decided to take off to Mexico for a couple of weeks and we've decided to only have the nights once a month. Which is good. It was ridiculously dead last night. I would've stayed and properly broke it down but my stomach decided to go nuts. Sometimes my stomach is my worst enemy. Though lately it's really been alright. Which is good considering how many terrible things I put into it.

E-Bow the Letter is my favourite song these days. It's hitting something inside in just the right way.

Miranda and I went for brunch at aunties this afternoon and it lasted a good two hours. Maybe more. David gave us mugs of hot pear juice (they poach the pears to go with the waffles and banana pancakes) while we were waiting and after we were done our brunches Russ gave us some waffles he'd made too many of. So good.
Solo's BF Geoff was there and he's buds with David and so we just talked to them for forever. I'm a big fan of Geoff, he's funny and nice in the right ways. I love couples where I like both partners equally. It's sort of rare, but it gives me hope.
Which I need sometimes.

I got called in to work tonight again. More money!

Tomorrow is Tamara's birthday potluck and I've agreed to make the cake! I haven't made a cake here! I want to make brownies a little bit instead. We'll see. She said I could make whatever. But seriously, brownies with coffee icing? Gah!

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