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2007.10.31 3:59 p.m.

I totally acquired a giant bottle of vodka. And I totally drank alone last night. MUCH to my mother's disapproval.
I'm feeling better today. So maybe drinking does help. And I always wake up earlier when I go to bed drunk. I don't know why.

AAAAANNNNNDDDD I bought myself an iPod while I was drunk! Yay! A 30 gig video one. I want it to come soon! Oh god I'm so excited.
I was very jealous on account of I bought my mum an iPod for her birthday/Christmas present and it got to her yesterday and so she wasn't paying attention to me on the phone, she was only paying attention to her electronics. Bitch.

I want my iPod! And I want it to work!

(An aside: I don't capitalize the word 'Christmas' because of its God connotations, I capitalize it because Very Important to me)

And I got the most annoying text message of my life at about 2:15 yesterday morning and I threw a fit and then... REPLIED. I do not know what's wrong with me. There's something wrong. I'm an idiot. I can't believe myself sometimes.
I had said to him "please don't bother me at 2 in the morning anymore" and he said "I wasn't going to!" and he put the crazy on me: like I make up the fact that exactly every single time when I am one hundred percent over him and it's all done then he does this!
And THEN we texted for a bit and then he sort of blew me off. Holy F.
I don't even like him. As a person, I mean.
I had no interest in speaking with him at all anymore. And I thought I really wouldn't. But I am can't help but try to win. And I lost so hard. I lost as soon as I opened the phone.
He's impossible to explain his off behaviour to.
And, he'd assumed that I'd sent him a happy birthday message. Which I most certainly had not. So he is always assuming he is winning and therefore he is.

Sometimes being me is such a regrettable thing.

Tomorrow I shoot the PSA. Which is neat!
Aaand I have a voice over audition in the morning. I love voice over. I want to be a voice actor all the time.
When I have a bit of money I'm going to invest in a really great demo reel. Then I'm going to make billions of dollars for very little work.
I'd my goal to do a little boy voice at some point. Even if I have to write my own damn show to get it done.

I was just so sad yesterday. I almost started crying in the Bell store. I do hate Bell and they were busy screwing me in all holes (not in a hot way). But still.

I ran into SarahJane and she and I hung out and got coffee and talked about being sad and I felt a bit better.

I got called to go in to work tonight. Which means money!
I'm a little bit dressed up like a 60s actress, and I plan on giving myself a bit of a beehive maybe. I bought fake eyelashes and I want to wear them. And I think I'll wear it all to work. It'll look great with my sporty uniform. Mmhmm.

If I don't see Third soon, the crush is off. He hasn't been at work when I have been at all lately. Annoying.
One of the supervisors was in another episode of Final 24, she was in the Keith Moon episode and also played the GF and also got to find him dead.
I suggested we could re-enact our re-enactments in interpretive dance form. She seemed pretty interested I guess.
Everyone at work is an actor. Everyone everywhere is an actor.

Right now, as we speak, Naomi is submitting the information for me to have my very own IMDB page. Oh so hot. I'm totally going to add like one hundred pictures of myself onto it so that everyone can see what a total sexpot I am.
(I accidentally first spelt 'sexpot' as 'sextop'. Also accurate.)

I need more crushes. I need to feel hopeful about stuff. I need something to get excited about.

My hair is so hot. I wish I worked on a TV show and got my hair done every day and maybe got a tonne of extensions and it was all body and curly. Yeah.....

Not feeling sad is so much more fun than feeling sad. I'm wondering if I can keep this up.

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