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2004.09.25 2:11 p.m.

three months till christmas!!!

i want candy for christmas. i've given it thought and i want candy. niki and i bought soooooo much candy last night. probably at least $5 worth each. probably.

yesterday was my second day at work. i met two more coworkers. i didn't like them aaaassss much as the first two but they were still fine. fine i say. no cute boys came by. boooo. if the cute boy situation doesn't improve i'm starting a petition.

steven david sent me a quote that she said was exactly like me: "As I Mature I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in."
this isn't true at all. not since oprah revolutionalized my life the other day.
oh man i hate oprah.

there's too many almost-teenage boys in my living room. how disgusting.
already at the mall it's my least favorite thing when groups of highschool kids come in on their lunch break. how cocky they are!
why the hell am i making my tv show about teenagers. i hate them!

after work i went by niki's and she made me a delicious sandwhich. which i put in my mouth. then we went to my house and sat around. then we went and bought toooo much candy including 5cent, chocolate bars, hallowe'en kisses, white rabit, and block candy.
then we went to broadway. i saw sarah at the yard and she told me that she was playing at amigos. then niki and i went to the livingroom where we had more candy in the shape of scone and italian soda.
then we went to amigos but we didn't pay we just said we were going in to see if we liked it. but we did like it so we didn't get around to leaving for quite awhile. i quite liked sarah's band and what i saw of the second one. i felt bad for not paying...yeah i'm a bad person. i mean, it was supporting cfcr and everything. we were going to leave but then john showed up and he's really funny so we ended up staying. yeah, he likes one of us at least, but since we're always together it's pretty hard to tell. or he could just be that friendly.
after, we went to the yard with john and his friends. and then carlan and angie and their friend..uh..i forget (but john knew him) came and then we all sat together. and talked about such artsy things as jim jarmusch and plays.
and then we went home. and then i slept for almost 12 hours. and i had really good/realistic dreams. i dreamed about school but in a not-panic kind of a way. and i dreamed about people i really like and other fun things. i like it when dreams really make me feel good.
then i woke up to my brother yelling about me. ugh. what a pain.

i think i'm going to despistados tonight. hopefully it's fun. and hot. i'll have to bathe first though.
bathe to impress!

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