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2004.09.24 10:11 a.m.

three months until my birthday!

man, was it everyone's first day at work yesterday?
well, mine went pretty good i'd say. i don't think i offended any coworkers..and i actually quite like the two i've met so far, haylee and jaris. they seem pretty easy-going and nice. and hillary was around for a bit in the morning and i got a nametag. that says 'jane' of course. but this one has a star and a santa on it! that's what i call hot.
there's a lot of stuff at booster juice. the big chill was a little simpler because you know, you just put the ice cream on the cone. i think bj just requires patterns and familiarity and then it comes easy. i think.
i had a really good pannini yesterday. and a good smoothie. the word smoothie is really annoying. i signed a waver saying i would not give away any bj secrets, so don't even ask!
i have to go to work again right away here. i really didn't do anything besides work yesterday. and watch tv.
man do i ever like behind the scenes specials. there was another one about the o.c. on last night. i think me and josh schwartz might be soulmates..more he's the boy version of me or i'd like to think he is..
i also watched csi and er. could er get anymore overly-dramatic? boo. this better be it's last season. it's so ridiculous. and i feel bad for the actors. i always feel bad for the actors when shows go on to the point where they're just terrible. quite beating the dead horse.
i also watched a movie (or course), a girl is a girl (it was good, pretty funny, it saddened me that the guy's hair bothered me so much that it distracted me from the film. but that's probably just my pettiness. or petticoat.)
i'm having chai tea lattees and rice cakes with peanut butter for breakfast. i feel full and gross. peanut better is kind of gross.
i should go find something to wear to work... and then go right over there.

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