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2004.09.26 9:54 a.m.

1st puncture. 2nd measure.
i really really liked the show last night. good music and good people makes for good fun. i bought despistado's cd and i've had it on repeat this moring. i really like it. more than i expected in fact. and i'm glad. and they all seem so nice.
i also really liked patrick's poetry. it was like rapping and dr. seuss (sp??) and beatpoetry all together. although admitedly i'm not that found of politcal/revolutionary type things..but i did like what he was saying. and he's so funny and cute. i like the way he moves his little arms.

both carlan and courtney didn't show up. what nerds. probably at home in their nerdparties.

i'm glad that niki came and we hung out with john most of the time. we started a dance dance revolution. john's pretty funny. and so are me and niki so it works out.
and ryan pollard was there and andrewkeith and cassidy and elicia and willrobbins and crazy von and other people. you know the kinds. the punkrockers.
i do really like brenan (i found out the correct spelling of his name via the cd insert!). i find him pretty amusing. though he didn't make any terribly lewd comments last night. i want to spend lots of time with him and patrick, they're both so fun. i like new people so much. but despistado are going on tour until probably the end of december and then i'll be going back to toronto. booooo. aw the sadness. but i told them to say hi to the mark inside for me. i hope they do. in a nice way.
i need to email and get geordie's new phonenumber and address. i miss him. and his giant funniness. aw the baby.

i slept so much yesterday. i was just having the most vivid dreams. last night too. and dreams are one of my favorite things. definitely.

aw, miranda's going back to toronto for thanksgiving. and i'm not. and i'm jealous. i miss all the good kids. dammit.

i think i'm getting a cold. people like their smoothies coughed on... and i like coughing on them!

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