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2005.01.14 10:29 a.m.

updating here is pointless. already my life here is completely irrelevant to your life there. not quite vice versa..yet.

none the less.

i'm upset not to be there this weekend for the mark inside show. you'd all better show them a good time. (and do it with them. obviously.)
i remember when elicia was in toronto and she went to the markinside show with me and she said she'd hit on geordie if i weren't involved with him..that's funny in retrospect.

all of my new teachers seem fabulous. we met our improv teacher this morning. he's neat. i forget his name already. but we might be new best friends. he finds me amusing. i gotta learn to keep my giant commenting mouth shut. and soon.
he seems amazingly experienced though. taught at second city for like 20 years and ran the comedy program at humber for 5 years. taught all over canada and i the states. and ran his own school for a bit and worked with uta hagen (sp?). i like it when i trust my teacher's background.
and he wore funny jazz shoes.

i got a kitten. apparantly. i'm still unsure of how i feel about this development. i mean, i love the kitten..but...
it's priscilla's fault. i get a phone call at midnight wednesday saying she's bringing over a stray. 'but i have no food or litterbox' 'it's okay, we'll bring all that'. yeah. so that's how touro entered my life. he came to me for warmth and shelter.
he looks like a loooonnnnggg boy adventure cat but with white on him too. and he's loud and scrawny and scared of most things. and a picky eater. but he ate his food when i put tuna in it. i thought i'd never use that can of tuna that ali left..
i can't decide how to spell his name.
-turo -touroh -touro -tooroe
etc. tell me how.

mum's mad i got a kitten. i have tooooo many. hopefully he really belongs to someone and he'll want to go home soon.
he's a good cat though, super affectionate and lazy.

the weather here has been insane. i'm not really a fan, but it's definitely better than -50. sucks for you. but it was +12 here yesterday. and the day before that we had the worst freezing rain that caused everything to be completely covered in ice. it was intense. there was something like 1 accident a minute in the morning. i almost slipped and fell and got hit by a speeding car. luckily my cat-like reflexes saved me.
frank fell and broke his ankle and torn ligaments and stuff. just walking down the sidewalk. that would suck so hard.

it's suppposed to get cold again. it's effing weird to be rained on in january.

viv and i took the subway home together the other day. that was super fun. just talking for awhile. we like each other. viv is such a neat person. just so cool. if i am anything like her when i'm 65 i'll be impressed.
if only i can find opportunity to spend time with paul too..

i talked to alisin on the phone yesterday. it's weird that we're in the same city. it would be strange to move here without going to school. school gives you a built-in set of people in similar situations.
we'll hang out soon i hope..

i spend too much effort trying not to miss everything and everyone.
viv was talking about how we should never forget our homes. she really misses england still. she's been here for decades.

i watch a lot of tv. and bother the cat. the cat is a good excuse to talk to myself.

i finally saw napoleon dynamite. i thought i was going to hate it because it had been so overly-built-up but i love it. i might buy it and marry it.
it amuses me so much. i regret not seeing it earlier because i feel that i've missed on making the jokes with lots of people..sad.
the dvd is hot too because of the extras, like the original short film.
gives me good ideas.

went to value village yesterday. the checkout boy was cute and gave us little extras. maybe i should work there so as to meet hotties. i accidentally walked out with some stuff. too funny. niki would be proud.
i got the prettiest shower curtain overlay lace-ish thing. and i got this sweeeeeeeeeeeet black polkadot halter dress. it's short with crinoline..yeah. it's good. i heart value village.

oh god, this entry's boring even me.
i'm going to erica's soon to watch a movie and eat lunch. gotta do something to entertain ourselves for our 5 HOUR break.
then we have another class. something about film+tv history (which i hope is not a bore festival).
then i'm going to see sarah polley get interviewed for this tv show thing. maybe i'll ask her a question and then i'll be on tv too.

i'm always tired. i'm always numb.

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