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2005.01.12 10:28 a.m.

it feels almost normal to be back. it's funny how i adjust. just as it feels normal for me not to be there to you. except maybe for my mum.

i've already stopped doing the work for classes and stopped cleaning my apartment. this is not good. i'm a disapointment.
i got message manager a couple of days ago and i just haven't bothered to set it up. how disapointing.

this schedule is going to kill me. kill all of us actually. we are such an after thought to this college. there's no times or places for us.
today's not actually that bad. i'm done at 1.30. same with tomorrow. it's monday and tuesday that are the worst.

awww i saw paul yesterday. i was talking to rory and then all of a sudden i was being hugged by a large fleece-clad giant. and we just stood there grinning at each other for bit. i actually forgot what a giant he is!
kind of like how priscilla said to me "i actually forgot how little your face is and how young you look".
paul kept laughing at me. man i just want to be friends with him..someone talk him into it. and soon. since he's only working with the theatre kids he'll only be around till the end of april i guess. he really did make my day yesterday though.

diana (who's head of the theatre program and was head of ours) likes me a lot too. we talked for a bit the other day. she doesn't make an effort to talk to anyone else in our program (in fact she quite dislikes them. and them her, it's ridiculous). i think she's very very neat. and i wish very much she'd kept working with us.

i need to figure out how to be friends with the theatre kids. i like them a lot. but they're so busy. they are in school 8 to 6 monday to saturday. but in a good full-schedule way.

all my new teachers seem top-notch. that's great. i'd drop out if they weren't.
the program is still falling apart though. i decided. it's so relaxed and lazy now. we have no real studio classes and no intense voice+movement stuff. we have no real rules and direction. i feel cheated still.

i wonder what i'll do with the rest of my day today..what a treat to be home before 7.30. oh the possibilities.

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