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2007.01.02 1:58 p.m.

New /private.

Happy New Year!

I feel like I've hit some sort of change. Some sort of tangible difference in me. It's odd when you can track changes or mark where they've happened. Usually retrospect is the best spect.
Probably when I look back on this point it won't be anything. Or it will be a brief hiatus from my usual patterns.

Actually, I have hope.


I finally have time to do nothing. I can't even explain how excited I am about this. Time to bake or read or compute or really visit with people or lie around in bed or make crafts.
How lucky I am.
I hope that on going back to Toronto I keep calm. I've never managed that before, and I'm usually wrecked for quite a bit..
But I am so lucky. I have two really great lives, they just happen to be lived in different parts of the country.

Entire Cities is playing two nights in a row when I get back, and I'm pretty sure that I'll go to both. Especially since Tamara says she's letting Vancouver swallow her whole for the next few months.. And Sweet Thing has a show that weekend. At the Mod Club. And even though it's expensive I'll still be excited because it'll be big with tonnes of room for me to dance for realz and not be crushed to death. Oh Sweet Thing dance party! Even Nathan is playing a show. I've never seen Nathan play a show! I mean, besides in other bands. I'm pretty excited.

Also: I think it is high time that MCDA should get it together and play a show. Oh god that would be good. We have to plan the AGM. There's nothing like the new year for a highly fruitful and productive AGM.
I hope this AGM involves food and dance beats (possibly my two favourite things).

I've booked my flight. I leave at 7 in the am on January 9th. That is one week away. Which is obviously too long and obviously not long enough. At all.


New Years was good. I mean, parts of it were irritating and dumb. But since new years is always a bust, and since it ended so nicely, I can't complain. At 7-11 today, getting gas, the clerk asked me how my new years was and I thought about it and said "really good".

I went to Joel's with Niki and John in the earlier evening. They drank and I did not. We made bad jokes and listened to Basement Jaxx. From there John, Niki and I went to Stevereed's. It was promised to be fairly intense but while we were there it really wasn't. If my belly hadn't hurt and if I had been drinking it probably would have been fun. I did kiss a lot of people on the mouth at midnight, which seemed like a pretty good accomplishment. A lot of people I like were there.. but I just wasn't feeling it. Apparently after we left it went pretty crazy, tonnes of debauchery and the like. I'm not that sorry I missed it..
I went to Chrismorin's afterwards and it was quiet there and they were listening to records and drawing vaginas. I think that's the best kind of new years really.

Yesterday was a good kind of day. I got to have lunch with Ellen. I've gotten used to seeing her fairly frequently these past few months, so I'll be disappointed if I don't see her until summertime. I would really like to get rich and be able to come home three or four times a year. I've said that already, I'm sure, but it would make it more bearable?

Clubhouse Christmas was last night. And it turned out that everyone could make it. It was pretty nice. I hadn't been to Maggi's house in around 10 years. Or three at least. I wish I had been hungry because there was sure good food. I like Christmas. It was good to see Jamie finally, and to see more of everyone. There's never enough time.

I have plans with Jeffmorton today. That's odd. We'll see how that turns out.

And maybe plans with Willrobbins later. We'll see if he can top his last comments to me. Might be hard they were pretty extreme. Even with context some of them are impressive. I'm unsure of if our friendship will continue.. but I'd like to decide either way.

One week one week one week. Then I have to get down to business. I wonder if ACTRA will actually strike.. I wonder how that would effect me as a non-member.. I wonder if I will get a job.. because I will sure need to... I wonder if my landlord has deposited the rent cheque yet.. I should call about that now.

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